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The detailed schedule can be viewed as a booklet in PDF format.

The premium is 24%, live 3%, each plus 19% VAT.

§ 1 - Active objects

Auktionshaus Mehlis GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the "auction house"), registered in the AG Chemnitz trade register under registration number HRB 23193, attorney: Jens Mehlis, registered office: Hammerstraße 30, 08523 Plauen, in the name of and on behalf of the sender The sender sells the goods. The sales contract is concluded in accordance with the following provisions.

§ 2 - Method of bidding

To participate in an auction as a bidder, the auction house must issue a bidder number. To issue bidder numbers, interested parties must provide their names and addresses prior to the auction date and must be duly present or provide appropriate security. Items being auctioned will be called up on the day of the auction. The order of bidding is at the sole discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer also reserves the right to call multiple individual items together or to call multiple combined items separately. Finally, the auctioneer can withdraw bids at any time. The first call is made within the limits set by the sender. In the absence of such restrictions, the first asking price is at the discretion of the auctioneer. Increases are at the discretion of the auctioneer, usually in increments of 10%. Offers may be submitted at any time prior to acceptance of the offer. They are irrevocable. If there are no higher bids after the last highest bid has been repeated three times, the highest bid will be accepted. If several people make the same offer, fate is sealed. In case of doubt as to whether and for whom a bid was accepted, or if a timely bid was overlooked, the auctioneer may re-bid or re-list the item to a specific bidder. In this case, the above-mentioned surcharges are no longer valid. Additional fees can also be paid at the time of booking. Any surcharges below the limit price are automatically posted. In this case, bidders are obliged to maintain their offers for three weeks, but the auctioneer can amend them. If a bidder who has received a qualifying offer does not hear differently within three weeks, the offer will be deemed withdrawn. Written bids must reach the auction house by 7:00 am. rice. The day of the auction. They must contain the catalog number and item description (title). In case of doubt, the catalog numbers given are authoritative. Written offers will only be accepted if accompanied by high-quality letters of reference, certified checks in full, or equivalent guarantees. However, there is no guarantee that written offers will be considered. Telephone auctions are limited to EUR 200.00 only. The auction house is not responsible for establishing or maintaining telephone connections. Otherwise, follow the provisions of the written offer. The auction house reserves the right to exclude individual bidders from the auction at any time. Not entitled to participate in the auction.

§ 3 - Legal effects of the judgment

A contract of sale is established when an offer is accepted at an auction or when an offer is agreed outside of an auction (for example, in a post-auction sale). The purchase price includes the auction price plus a bonus of 24% of the auction price plus applicable VAT. For the bonus. The seller is the shipper represented by the auction. The object of the purchase is the item in the catalog marked with the corresponding auction number. Guarantee based on clause 4. After the purchase contract is concluded, the buyer is obliged to pay for the goods and take delivery of the goods. Both of these obligations are primary performance obligations and are immediately enforceable. The buyer is obliged to pay the advance payment. The seller's property remains until the buyer has fully executed the contract. The seller's obligation to deliver and transfer the property can be fulfilled at the auction house; it is a debt. Shipment will be made only after separate agreement and entirely at the buyer's expense and risk. After signing the sales contract, all risks, especially the risk of accidental loss of the item, pass to the buyer. The bidder acting as the buyer's representative is jointly and severally liable for the execution of the order together with the person represented. Owners of Bidder Numbers submitting bids, if responsible for the use of their Bidder Numbers, are jointly and severally liable for compliance with Buyer's regulations.

§ 4 - Liability, right of return

The seller provides no guarantee for defects in the purchased items, except for loss of life, body or health or damage caused by the gross negligence of the auctioneer, its legal representatives, its managers or assistant executives. Elements are usually used. Before the auction, there are many opportunities to inspect and research items for auction. Catalog specifications do not constitute a guarantee of performance or endorsement of quality, but are used only to describe the item. All buyer warranty claims on used items expire one year after the end of the year in which the offer is accepted. If the buyer is a dealer, their warranty rights will expire six months after the auction date. The same applies if the buyer is an entrepreneur. Otherwise, the seller is only liable for its own gross negligence and the gross negligence of its legal representative and executive personnel. Furthermore, the amount of liability is limited to the amount of the corresponding offer. The auction house's liability is limited to the same extent as the seller. Claims against the auction house are based on the information or conduct of the shipper, and the auction house may require the buyer to be released gradually from its liability in exchange for the assignment of the warranty claim against the shipper.

§ 5 - Performance of the contract

The sale of own property is subject to a differential tax (§ 25a UStG). If the buyer receives an invoice, GST (Sales Tax) will not be shown on the invoice. The Auction House may charge a reminder fee of €5.00 (€4.20 net plus €0.80 19% VAT [16% from July 2020 to December 2020] for each reminder sent more than one month after the invoice has been issued ]). As long as the buyer's obligations to the seller or the auction house (§ 3) have not been fully fulfilled, the buyer is obliged to inform the auction house in writing of any change of address. The auction house reserves the right to send any statement of intent addressed to the buyer to the address provided by the buyer. Therefore, declarations will be deemed received on the third day of shipment, unless the buyer proves that the course of events was not normal. Buyers are obliged to retrieve the purchased items immediately after the auction closes, or at the auction house headquarters within a maximum of ten working days, otherwise they will be subject to late retrieval penalties. The buyer may pick up the auction item in person or entrust a person authorized in writing to pick up the item or authorize the auction house in writing to have the item transported properly by a freight forwarder. The risks and costs shall be borne by the buyer. In addition, the auction house is not required to deliver the lot to the buyer or a carrier authorized by the buyer until all buyers' funds have been settled. The auction house holds all items for ten business days from the auction date. After this date, the auction house reserves the right to store and insure unsolicited uncollected sold items in the buyer's name at the carrier's expense and risk, or to store them in its own facilities for a fixed daily fee. cost. For storage and insurance costs or for shipping to the address specified by the buyer. Shipping and storage are at the buyer's expense and risk. Storage costs EUR 0.50 per day (EUR 0.42 net plus EUR 0.08 19% VAT). Shipment type is at the sole discretion of the auction house. You are entitled to certain types of shipments or to purchase insurance only if bidders request the mode of transport and insurance before 7:00 am. rice. The day of the auction. The notification must be made in writing. If the auction house is authorized to conduct business on behalf of the buyer, it is not subject to § 181 BGB. Buyers can only deduct undisputed or legally established claims from the auction house. Buyer may also exercise a lien only on such credit. If the buyer is a merchant, the place of performance of all obligations under this contract is the registered office of the auction house. The same applies if the buyer is a merchant. The same applies if the buyer or his legal representative is not. settle down.

§ 6 - Choice of law, venue

The contract is governed solely by German law. The provisions of the United Nations Sales Act do not apply. If the buyer is a trader, the place of jurisdiction is Plauen. The same applies if the buyer is a merchant. The same applies if the buyer or his legal representative has no place of residence in Germany or if he chooses not to do so. The venue of the courts specified in this article is exclusive.

§ 7 - Severability clause

Supplementary or different agreements are only valid if made in writing. Individual violations of this provision do not constitute a written waiver of the future. If one of the above conditions is invalid, it will not affect the effectiveness of this contract as a whole. If the clause is invalid, the parties agree to agree on a valid clause that comes as close as possible to the economic intent of the invalid clause.


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