Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (2023)

It turns out that software is an important and critical asset for any American business, from automating important tasks to keeping the business running smoothly. The software has proven its worth to American businesses in many ways, whether processing payroll, maintaining a CRM system, tracking inventory, or anything else.

With ever-changing markets, ever-changing technologies, and ever-increasing user needs, software development has become more necessary than ever. Entrepreneurs consistently use the best software companies in America to stay ahead of the industry.

As an entrepreneur, if you've ever had an idea to create software, you're in the right place. Check out this blog that will help you discover the best software companies in the US along with necessary details, services and costs.


List of Best Software Development Companies in USA

As the need for software development increases, so does the number of software development agencies in the United States. We present you the best software development companies in the USA. These software companies have years of experience and are already using new technologies to create software solutions. Please read below!

1.A little bit of technology

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (1)

SemiDot Information TechnologyAmerica's Best Software CompanyIt is popular among companies and businesses, ensuring the highest quality standards, transparent work and adopting the best practices of the technology market. With ten years of experience, they provide a variety of software development services in the United States, such as custom software development, software development, ERP software development, software integration, offshore software development, software design UI/UX, and more. If we had to describe SemiDot Infotech in one sentence, it would be this."Great service at an affordable price"

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  • year established-year 2011
  • Average Hourly Rate -$25-30
  • major client-Reebok, Joom, Colgate, Hershey's Pearson, IRL, Super Creators, Firmy z listy Fortune 500.
  • Minimum project size– $5,000 and up
  • Place -United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India
  • Serve -Mobile app development, web development, artificial intelligence, big data, chatbots, blockchain, and more.

2.Nocard software

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (2)

If you are looking for an experienced software development company in the USA, ScienceSoft is the place for you. ScienceSoft has been in the market for over 30 years, serving companies and helping themsoftware developmentWorks on any operating system and any platform.

They have been involved in more than 3,300 projects and provide a variety of services including software consulting, custom software development, legacy software modernization, software development outsourcing, cloud application development, and more.

  • year established-in 1989
  • Average Hourly Rate -$50-99 USD
  • major client-Ford Motor Company, Deloitte, eBay, Walmart, Heinz, Nestle, IBM, T-Mobile, Airpas, Tieto, NASA JPL, no tylko.
  • Minimum layout size$5,000+
  • Place-United States, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia.
  • Serve-Software development, testing and quality assurance, UI/UX design, IT consulting, data analysis, application services, infrastructure services, cyber security services. software

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (3)

Intellectsoft is a leading name among US-based software development companies, providing solutions to enterprises and startups, solving technical challenges and helping them embark on their digital journey. They serve multiple industries including construction, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, fintech, travel and hospitality, and insurance.

In 2021, Intellectsoft was named one of the 2021 "Highly Rated B2B Software Development Companies" by Clutch. Its teams provide expertise in new technologies, deliver high-end solutions, and develop intensive engineering, experience and knowledge in the fields of the services described. .

  • year established-2007
  • Average Hourly Rate -$50-99 USD
  • major client-Customer service for Fleet Nurse, Harley Davidson, Generational Equity, Jaguar Land Rover, Pocket Dentist, Cirrus Insight, wiele innych.
  • Minimum layout sizeover $50,000
  • Place-United States, United Kingdom and Norway.
  • Serve-Mobile development, UI/UX design, IT consulting, QA and testing, DevOps, product engineering and more.

4.Headroom Hertz

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (4)

LeewayHertz is America's premier custom software development agency, helping companies and startups in the new technology space. They work on developing custom solutions for mobile, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud.

LeewayHertz has perfected its digital solutions for more than 100 digital platforms and businesses. If you are looking for top software development companies in USA, you can. hire programmers Scalable, feature-rich solution from LeewayHertz.

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  • year established-2007
  • Average Hourly Rate -$50-99 USD
  • major client-ESPN, NASCAR, Astellas, Johnson & Johnson, Hershey, 3M, TraceRX and more.
  • Minimum layout size$10,000+
  • Place-US and India
  • Serve-Blockchain development, Metaverse development, software development, IoT development, artificial intelligence, NFT market.

5.Belit Software

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (5)

Belitsoft is one of the leading software development companies in the United States, providing high-quality, feature-rich software solutions to start-ups and large enterprises. With the help of the best programmers, engineers, designers and IT staff, they have provided solutions to more than 1000 clients worldwide.

They have over a decade of experience delivering software solutions in various fields such as e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, artificial intelligence and telecommunications.

  • year established-year 2004
  • major client-Berkeley, Hathway, Howcast, Fraunhofer, key2know, SHOWCAST, etc.
  • Place-US, UK, Israel
  • Serve-Web development, mobile application development, consulting and research, custom software development and more.


Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (6)

CrustLab is a leading software development company in the United States, providing solutions based on customer needs. They have created solutions using new technologies and applied them in various fields such as healthcare, fintech, IoT and start-ups.

CrustLab has a team of programmers, designers, engineers and IT staff focused on delivering result-oriented solutions based on client needs. They have hired the best developers in the US to fulfill your project requirements.

  • year established-2017
  • Average Hourly Rate -$50-99 USD
  • major client-Founding partners: Sportech PLC, BLNK.
  • Minimum layout size$10,000+
  • Serve-Web Development, Mobile App Development, Flutter App Development, iOS App Development, iGaming Development, Product Design, FinTech Development and Blockchain Development

7.Tatwa Software

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (7)

TatvaSoft is a leading, world-renowned software development company that helps businesses stay ahead by creating solutions that use the latest technologies. adequate proportionCustom Software Development ServicesSuitable for custom software development, application maintenance, application migration and redesign, SaaS applications and other businesses.

  • year established-2001
  • Average Hourly Rate -<$25
  • major client-Anglo American, De Beers, Fiji Airways, Xerox, KFC
  • Minimum layout size$10,000+
  • Place-USA, India, UK, Sydney, Canada, Melbourne
  • Serve– Custom software development, web development, software development, e-commerce development, mobile application development, UI/UX design and more.


Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (8)
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Among other software development companies, Exadel is a name worth adding to your list. Exadel has a team of qualified programmers from all over the world who are talented and capable in new technologies.

Exadel has been operating in this field for over two decades, utilizing the latest technology to deliver its services. They serve many industries including banking and insurance, media and publishing, education, e-commerce and retail.

  • year established -Founded in 1995, established in 1998.
  • Average Hourly Rate -$30-49 USD
  • major client-AWS Partner Network, Adobe, Red Hat, OneTrust, and more.
  • Minimum layout sizeOver $100,000
  • Place-Walnut Creek, California
  • Serve-Web development, mobile app development, software development, IoT development and more. art

Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (9)

iTechArt has been around for 20 years and is well known among the top software development companies in the US. iTechArt delivers robust and scalable solutions to its users, which has resulted in over $130 million in acquisitions and 21 client IPOs. iTechArt provides expert solutions for fintech, healthtech, e-commerce, gaming, cybersecurity, insurtech, edtech and more. and many others.

  • year established-year 2002
  • Average Hourly Rate -$50-99 USD
  • major client-ClassPass, Gain Capital, Merkle, DealCloud, Unlimitt, Integrate, Rally, Thirty Madison, Freshly i więcej.
  • Minimum project size– $25,000 and up
  • Place -USA, UK, Poland, Austria, Germany.
  • Serve -Technical consulting, UI/UX development, front-end and back-end development, mobile development, cloud development, testing and QA, security and compliance, integration services.


Top 10 Software Development Companies in US [2023] (10)

Working with leading US companies, Syberry has created and delivered custom software solutions for projects of all types and sizes. Over the years, they have worked for more than 20 industries in the United States. They have a team of programmers, designers and IT staff who provide technical expertise to create various solutions to meet any client's requirements.

  • year established-Year 2014
  • Average Hourly Rate -$25-49 USD
  • major client-Shell Oil & Gas, London Stock Exchange, THG Energy Solutions and nie tylko
  • Minimum project size– $50,000 and up
  • Place -United States, Poland and Georgia.
  • Serve -Custom software development, mobile software development, software prototyping, software modernization and more.


Getting top-notch software for your business should always be your top priority. As the market expands, your competitors are moving towards digital advancements. To ensure a bright future, your business needs to grow with scalable solutions integrated with new technologies.

We understand that there are many software development companies in the United States that serve companies and businesses. We don't want you to get lost while searching for the best software development companies in USA. Above, we have listed 10 US software development companies whose skills and experience will help you.

Browse the list and choose the best software development company in USA that fits your budget and offers solutions to grow your business and increase your sales.

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common problem

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you gain a better understanding of software development.

  1. What is software development?

    Software development refers to the design, creation, implementation, and maintenance of frameworks. Software development helps in creating solutions that meet all technical requirements. There are several software development companies that specialize in developing feature-rich software.

  2. What do software companies do?

    Software development companies provide various services such as web application development, cloud computing, software development, and more. They utilize the services of a software development company to modernize their projects with the latest technologies that help the business to run efficiently.

  3. Why do companies outsource software development?

    Businesses usually look for companies that provide services at affordable prices, so it pays to turn to a software outsourcing company. Outsourcing can reduce development costs without changing quality. This will help you get more out of your budget in other endeavors.

  4. Do you provide software development services?

    Yes, we have over ten years of experience in providing software development services. We work with top corporations and start-ups. You can contact us for scalable and feature-rich solutions.

  5. How to choose the right US software development company for your business?

    To choose the right US software development company for your business, start by screening a few companies, reviewing their company portfolios, understanding what they do, analyzing your needs, and then making the selection based on your budget. You can also get testimonials from people so you can trust the company even more.

  6. Can I hire someone to create software for me?

    Yes, you can hire freelancers and software companies yourself. We recommend you to choose a reliable software development company as they have experienced and well-trained staff. They will discuss and guide you through every step of the project.

  7. How to Hire a Software Development Company in the USA?

    To hire a software development company in the United States, you need to determine the important skills required, select several companies, discuss your project, negotiate if possible, and then hire only those companies that meet your requirements.

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  8. How much does software development cost?

    The cost of software development can range from $30,000 to $75,000, depending on whether the project is simple or complex. For cross-platform versions, the price may increase.


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