Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (2023)

Therefore, the world level 5 was finally published and there is a possibility that divisional agents finally grind a real final. The World Tie 5 entered the team.

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This progress can be quite slow and discouraging at first, especially in view of the greatest difficulty and, undoubtedly, a lower equipment for the level. To accelerate things a little, we create a guide with which a soft, easy lid easyIt is easy to score 500 accessible gears.

I focused this guide on activities other than the missions. My thoughts about this were so many players that will change in these missions.

Buy Better Equipment

This advice may seem obvious, but many of my friends have neglected suppliers when they started their loops on GS500. If they buy some high -risk items at the beginning of WT5, save a lot of time and effort and offer a great initial momentum.

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The best supplier to buy a high score is undoubtedly the hidden supplier called Cassie Mendoza.Cassie must first be activated, having to talk to an NPC named Snitch. He quickly and takes off the south.Then just follow the winding road along the outside of the building.Snitch is the NPC called "???"to be

As soon as he talks to the blow, a white cart symbol will appear on the map. Vaya to look for Cassie and buy everything he has, which increases your team.

Once you do this, you can travel to one of the other DC dispersed suppliers, including the Clan seller in the White House, which, if you are lucky to be in a decent clan, also in great doubt the score is that the score is thatIt has become items you can buy.

Use the new calibration station

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (1)

Well, this may seem like a waste of material, but if you are something like me, you will be constantly closed anyway. In this sense, you should increase part of the presence of some of your existing objects? I was surprised by increasing the increase in equipment: The values of the score that go around, especially if the statistics are over. My advice is simply to play and select the three teams that give them the biggest increase.Correct, it is also worth noting that if it decides to increase a box of purple article gears, less materials for the new calibration cost.

Check the friendly control points

This should be one of the simplest ways to purchase dam equipment. Symplesly drives quickly to friendly control points and make sure the gearbox trains are restored. Submit and distribute other boxes in the room.

Color boxes

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (2)

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If you have not yet entered the light zone that hunted the dye boxes, this is the perfect moment. For those who do not know, the dyes are hidden throughout the LZ and when they are open in the color of color and some high objects.Well of these prey boxes is that even if you already have the dye that restores and easily eliminates the items. If you don't know how to find these boxes, go to YouTube, where there are numerous video leaders from your places.

Registration Control Points

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (3)

After all, something that tries to shoot a gun! I arrived at most alarm level 1 just to make it fast and easy, but I can increase the difficulty if your clear times are still fast.prey and free items, yippie!

Pit with friends

This seems to be obvious again, but it's easy to ignore. If you play with friends, you can share objects you don't need, which means I will not only help my friends, but I will also increase the team's assessment so that all the article that does not needbe shared with me.

Deep underground

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (4)

Lz underground areas offer many prey and a naturally precious faction key, which also rewards decent equipment if you have the opportunity to open everything. To find easier objects. Jje is easier, faster.

The light zone and the SHD technology

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (5)

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LZ has many dam dams that may contain high equipment.The problem is to find them. Here I could also use the advantage to reproduce a control point to make the objects to loot more visible, or you can do what I did and the remaining SHD technology on the map also hunting.SHD technology are always surrounded by most common weapon boxes that are easy to get again.

Play in the dark zone

DZ has always had the feeling that it is the best private minute activity of prey to division and has not changed with the sequence. In a decent DZ session, your GS increases massively, especially if you play in a squad.DZ gear points have another advantage, with a new exotic weapon in the busy DZ that falls from the pioneer chiefs.Which can deconstruct. Exotic parts should increase equipment evaluation in their other exotic weapons. For example, my score on the Chatterbox 450 Gear is, but with the design and materials I can, I can be the 500 Greg score, whichIt gives me a more powerful weapon and a stronger weapon and increases the overall value of my team.

Unine of rewards

Therefore, you can reach 500 march points quickly in division 2 -buffnerfeat (6)

You will receive several high items to complete a reward and credits with which you can pay the new calibration mentioned above. Everything can conclude if the highest team falls, but it is boring from other activities and one of the other activities.Quick and fun way to bring some teams, they will definitely help.

It is also worth noting that the gear score is not as important as you can think of the world level 5. As parts of a higher gang value that does not do.My articles under 450! My advice would not be so fast to sell or disassemble your old team.Change, do not hurry and make sure the updates are really updated and not just a larger number in the corner.

Therefore, there are ten simple tips you can quickly and without repeated missions repeatedly. I hope you found this useful guide and if I lost any trick to follow things if you accelerate, enter the comments area below.Bis for the next time happy.


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