The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (2023)

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The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (1)

Once you beat the main story, you'll reach the end of The Division 2. You might think there's not much you can do once you hit level 30, but the fact is, you're barely scratching the surface of the game at this point. . Striped The Division 2 Endgame has a lot more content to enjoy, from raid missions and raids to Tier 4 checkpoints and exotic weapons.

However, you must prepare yourself becauseapartment 2(opens in a new tab)it definitely couldn't be easier. The Black Tusk faction invades and they have brought a bunch of armed robot dogs, scary things. Here's everything you need to know about The Division 2 Endgame.

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How to get to the end of The Division 2

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (2)

The Division 2 level cap is set at level 30. If you do whatever it takes to complete the main quests in the game, you can do so until you regain full control of the DC. Of course, if you're wonderinghow to level up fast not the division 2(opens in a new tab), we've got you covered too.

But once you hit level 30, you might be wondering what exactly has changed. The map looks almost identical, except for a new fortress that appears to the east of the map. That, plus the fact that one of the three Dark Zones suddenly has gear normalization turned off, is basically the starting point for your final buffet. To access the royal feast of content, make sure you've completed itthe threedo Strengths - True Children, Outlaw and Hyenas. They're long and incredibly difficult, even with four of you, but you'll get loads of XP and tasty loot for doing it. Oh, and unlock the entire end game.

Completing all three will teleport you to world level 1, which is your sign that you've entered The Division 2 endgame territory. You get a cutscene and then the whole map basically resets. The Black Tusks are here and they've retaken control of DC, which means you'll have to start from scratch.

Die Division 2 World Tiers

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (3)

In short, The Division 2 world levels are basically equivalent to The Division 2 end levels. But they not only decide the level of your agent, but also have an impact on the strength of your enemies along with the quality of the equipment. and creative plans. . you can discover and use. As expected, the difficulty of the available missions increases with each world level.

There are currently four world tiers available at the end of The Division 2, but a fifth will follow later in the one-year roadmap. To progress through the world stages, all you have to do is complete the raid missions, make sure your team is at the correct level, and defeat the associated stronghold.

Division 2 Finals Team Score

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (4)

If you're familiar with Destiny 2, you'll find that Division 2 Gear Score is basically your version of Power Level. Once you reach the endgame of The Division 2, all of your belongings are given a gear score number: every piece of gear, weapon, and mod. it becomes your overall progress. World Tier 1 is capped at 300 Gear Score, Tier 2 is capped at 350, Tier 3 is capped at 400, and Fourth is capped at 450.

Two important things to keep in mind:

1) It depends on the equipment you have equipped. Therefore, try to choose the team that will give you the highest possible score. That way, you'll progress through the world levels much faster, even if your stats take a bit of a hit.

2) Your team's score determines the loot discarded score, but not your current team's score. actually is fromas high as possiblescore with all your equipment in your inventory and your supplies. mmmm delicious cupcake.

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (5)

The best way to ensure that you have the highest gear stat possible is through crafting. Details of how it all works can be found on ourThe Division 2 Crafting Guide(opens in a new tab), but the main difference from endgame crafting is that you need to level up your crafting bank for each new world level to ensure that your crafted gear drops with the highest possible gear score. Don't forget to check out the equipment vendors as well, as they occasionally have cute equipment as well.

With The Division 2 end game based on Gear Score instead of your Agent Level, PvP areas suddenly become incredibly useful. The Dark Zone and Skirmish are home to most of the top-rated loot, so take some time away from the main DC area to partake in one of these activities if possible. Both modes are excellent sources of money, materials, and powerful equipment. However, be careful when opening the caches once you find them, as the inside gear is locked at the level you found it at. This means that the content may be out of date when you open it.

The Division 2 Endgame raided missions and fortresses

Anyone who has played the original Division will remember the legendary missions introduced in the second year. Well, The Division 2 Endgame Invaded missions work in a similar way. On paper, they basically sound like they're replaying the main quests at a higher difficulty level. But this is not entirely true. The original enemies have now been replaced by the enemies of the fourth faction, the Black Tusks, which are seriously evil beings that drive quests in different ways. There are also new story beats to explore and new objectives to score. The raided missions are much more interesting and cleverly designed than they suggest.

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (6)

Then there are the strong. They are back! The Black Tusks have invaded them as well, and to unlock each one you'll need to complete their two corresponding invasion missions. Is that how it works:

  • District Association Area:Unlocked by completing Invaded Grand Washington Hotel and Invaded Jefferson Trade Center
  • Roosevelt-Insel: Unlocked by completing Hacked Federal Emergency Bunker and Hacked Potomac Event Center
  • Capitol: Unlocked by completing the Invaded Space and Air Museum and the Invaded Space Administration Headquarters

A fourth fortress will also appear on your map, but it will only be unlocked once you a) have defeated the other three fortresses and b) world level 5 has dropped.

Rewards and final bosses of The Division 2

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (7)

There are a total of 52 named bosses that will be roaming Washington D.C. in The Division 2 final game, compared to the now paltry 15 in the original. They were nicknamed the Deck of 52 because they each drop a trading card when he is defeated. The card is marked with one of the four factions like suits in a deck of cards. To get the best loot, you need to complete the entire boss deck and get the rewards before…yes, you guessed it…they respawn. It is quite an achievement to get them all, but if you are complete, it will sound like music.

Then there are the rewards. These are objectives given to you by an NPC named Otis Sykes, and they are a bit different from bosses in that you have around 15 minutes to get to the location and start fighting them. Fortunately, once you find them and engage them in combat, the timer will stop, giving you time to take them down just like you would any other enemy. However, if you die, you will fail and this reward will need to be reassigned to you. However, logging in to claim a bounty from Sykes will cost you Intel, a resource you can only earn by playing the game.

However, there is a way to get free rewards and that is through another NPC called The Snitch.

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (8)

If The Division 2 had Xur, he would basically be the snitch. Travel the map and when you find him, talk to him as he will assign you a lucrative bounty that comes in the form of one of the Deck of 52. That means you're getting a bounty and boss in a dirty drop.

Also, talking to the Snitch will pinpoint the whereabouts of Cassie Mendoza, another traveling trader who will sell you expensive but high-quality gear.

Another addition to The Division 2 endgame will come in the form of heroic rewards, which will arrive with world level 5. As you can imagine, these will be much more difficult than the standard endgame rewards, but offer better rewards if you turn them off. More details about her are still scarce, but we will know more in the coming months.

The Division 2 Endgame Checkpoints

The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (9)

Remember when all your checkpoints were glorious green dots on your map? Well, The Division 2 end game undid all that good work, so be prepared to lose all that green. Endgame changes the checkpoints significantly, once you get one back The Black Tusk returns to take back the property.

All of this makes getting around DC much more complicated and stressful, but it also means that every time you recapture a checkpoint, you gain access to a fully stocked pantry full of loot. They're a great source of loot and crafting materials, and filling up checkpoint resources will give you an XP boost that will make you want to unlock your next field proficiency cache.

A word of advice: make sure you unlock all the safe houses on the map before reaching The Division 2 endgame, as they are essential for fast travel moves. The Theater and the White House are the only two locations not affected by The Black Tusk, as the campus routinely has to clear the Black Tusk locks before you can go back there, for example.

Other activities of The Division 2 Endgame

Of course, there are plenty more The Division 2 endgame activities to do. In addition to public executions, area checks, resource convoys, and other activities that you've no doubt participated in or visited so far on your The Division 2 journey, there are also elite versions that need to be carried out. They usually appear as unknown activities on the map, indicated by a question mark on the map, and will reward you with extra special high-level loot.

I recommend completing as many as you can as it means your XP will constantly increase towards the next cache and you will get loot, check project requests and more. They are much more than a small detour.

More final content for The Division 2 coming soon

The amount of content available in The Division 2 end game is already overwhelming, but there will be more to come in the near future. Of course, there's world Tier 5, but there's also Raids, which are eight-player missions that are much more difficult and unique than Strongholds. There are also more specializations on the way - read more about themThe Division 2 Specializations(opens in a new tab)in our guide, along with more stories and other updates for next year.

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The Division 2 ending explained: team score, invaded quests, strongholds, rewards and more (10)

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What is an invaded stronghold Division 2? ›

Invaded Strongholds

Unlike those in the Main Story, an Invaded Stronghold can be done in any order, and by completing a Stronghold will promote the Player to the next World Tier, increasing difficulty and rewards.

What's the highest World Tier in Division 2? ›

Reach Level 30. Select a specialisation. To reach World Tier 2 (max GS 350): Get a Gear Score of 275.

What is the highest gear score the division? ›

Once you reach Level 30 and advance to World Tier 1, your Item Level will be replaced by its Gear Score. Later, at Level 40, Gear Score will be replaced with SHD Levels. Gear Score shows this combination of power and quality as an objective, comparable number to a maximum of 515.

What is the max gear score for World Tier 5 Division 2? ›

To reach World Tier 5 (max GS 515): Get a Gear Score of 425. Complete Capitol Building, District Union Arena and Roosevelt Island invaded Strongholds.

What loot do strongholds have? ›

Some of the items commonly found inside a stronghold include coal, apples, string, compasses, paper, books, iron bars, redstone, and sometimes a clock or gold ingots.

Should I get to World Tier 5 before warlords? ›

Boost your level

First off, when you load up Warlords of New York, you'll be given the option of boosting your level to 30. Reaching this threshold and achieving World Tier 5 is necessary to access the expansion.

What is Max SHD level Division 2? ›

Once you reach Level 40 and complete the Warlords of New York campaign, you will gain access to Keener's Watch and with it, infinite SHD Level progression.

How long does it take to 100% The Division 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is about 26 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 90½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you get a 500 Gear Score in Division 2? ›

Here are a number of activities you can engage with in order to reach gear score 500.
  1. Invaded Missions & Strongholds. Every week, a new cycle of invasion starts in The Division 2. ...
  2. The Dark Zone. ...
  3. Daily Missions & Strongholds. ...
  4. Level 3 Control Points.
Apr 9, 2019

How do you get 252 gear? ›

Stan 4,640. Blizzard added two vendors selling item level 252 gear to Stormwind and Orgrimmar on the Dragonflight Alpha. The catch-up gear is most likely tied to the Dragonflight pre-patch event. The vendors are Storm Hunter William (Alliance) found in Stormwind and Storm Huntress Suhrakka (Horde) found in Orgrimmar.

Does Gear Score matter in Division 2? ›

Long story short: Only your equipped Gear Score affects your combat power level in The Division 2.

How do you get Tier 5 armor? ›

Tier 5 is a type of item set. Each set consist of 5 pieces. Each piece is purchased by acquiring an armor token from defeating a Burning Crusade raid boss. Each token is good for one piece of armor (chest, head, etc.), and is valid for any of several particular classes.

What does global difficulty do in Division 2? ›

By completing Warlords of New York and reaching Level 40, you can also unlock Legendary difficulty, Global difficulty and Directives. Global difficulty allows you to change and customise the difficulty of the entire in-game world.

How do you farm World tiers? ›

World Tier farm: how to increase World Tier fast

You only earn XP towards your World Tier for killing enemies, not for completing missions, so just focus on killing. If you die you'll lose some of your progress towards the next World Tier, but you'll never be demoted to a previous World Tier.

What levels do strongholds generate? ›

Unlike structures like the Ancient city, the stronghold doesn't have a fixed height in the world generation. Though, it's best to search for the stronghold between the base level (Y=0) and the Bedrock level (Y=-64) of the world.

Do strongholds have good loot? ›

The Stronghold in Minecraft spawns with a lot of great chest loot. Some of these items spawn in the corridor chests, while others show up in the chest of libraries. You can find the following items in these chests: Apples and Golden Apples.

Do you get better loot on higher difficulty Division 2? ›

Higher difficulty has the chance to provide better items. Better items have higher attribute rolls. You can identify these rolls by looking at the bar in the item UI. A filled out bar is better than a shorter bar.

How do you unlock Division 2 endgame? ›

Once you've progressed through the majority of the game, in order to get to the endgame, you'll need to do and complete the following things: Reach level 30. Complete the level 26 District Union Arena Stronghold. Complete the level 28 Roosevelt Island Stronghold.

Where is the secret vendor in Division 2? ›

First, fast travel to The 1040 Safe House. Take the door labeled South East exit, and walk until you reach outside. Run forward through the gate and follow the winding path. Eventually, you'll see an NPC on your left labeled “???” Walk up to him and interact.

Did Division 2 get rid of World Tiers? ›

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 reuses the World Tier system. However, the mechanics involving getting into and out of a World Tier has changed. Now, once players complete the last Stronghold, they will automatically advance to the first World Tier, and will now see level 31 enemies.

What to do in Division 2 after level 40? ›

Once you reach Level 40 and complete the Warlords of New York campaign, you will gain access to Keener's Watch and with it, infinite SHD Level progression. SHD Levels will replace your Gear Score and allow you to continuously improve your Agent's attributes and resource rewards, and gain cosmetic unlocks.

What happens after level 30 Division 2? ›

You stop levelling above 30 and instead look for suitable gear to increase your Gear Score. This is an RNG progression system rather than a linear XP progression system now. Any gear picked up after Level 30 will have a particular Gear Score. The combined tally of all your gear will influence your total Gear Score.

What is Max Outrider level? ›

Quick Links. In Outriders, the max level for your character is 30. However, you can keep getting better gear by increasing World and Challenge Tiers, which make the enemies you fight more difficult.

Does level matter in Dark Zone Division 2? ›

In order to unlock each Dark Zone, you have to play an introduction mission. After completing this mission, the moment you go in is up to you. Be sure to have skills and weapons slots unlocked before entering. Your level does not matter because agents are normalized in order to ensure fairness and player inclusion.

Does The Division 2 ever end? ›

After you beat the main story, you'll reach the Division 2 endgame. You may think there's not as much to do after you reach level 30, but the fact of the matter is that you've barely even scratched the surface of the game by that point.

How long will Division 2 last? ›

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will receive further updates as part of a planned Year 5 for the game, Ubisoft has confirmed. This follows a return to new features over the past year, and two more previously-announced seasons due over the course of 2022.

Is Division 2 repetitive? ›

Due to the amount of time and effort that is expected of the player, there is no escaping the fact that things will start to get repetitive. The Division 2 is the same in this regard, and there's no avoiding the fact that it will become tiresome taking down the enemies that look and sound the same over and over again.

Can you still get the Diamondback in Division 2? ›

The Diamondback can be found in the Hidden SHD Cache room after completing the main three Expedition Mission Nodes in the "Kenly College Expedition." From which The Diamondback Exotic Rifle will be a guaranteed reward for your first completion of Kenly College when the Expedition opens.

How do you get the bullet King in Division 2? ›

The Bullet King can be acquired specifically from the end bosses Theo Parnell and James Dragov from their respective missions in Lower Manhattan, The Tombs and Wall Street. The drop rate is 1% starting from Normal difficulty, increasing in increments of 2% up until Heroic Difficulty at 7%.

How to get 515 gear Division 2? ›

You'll need to have purchased the Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2 in order to access the 515 gear. If you head back to D.C. your new gear will be scaled down, as the max for that area is still 500. You'll earn 515 Gear Score loot by completing missions, from random drops and by opening caches.

How do I get level 60 gear? ›

To receive the highest level 60 gear, you will need to obtain the individual armor pieces listed in the Item Level 260 - "Shire" section, then buy specific items to upgrade each piece. Then you take the Shire gear and upgrade items to Seika in Idyllshire. Weapon: Illuminati Deepest Gobdip from Hismena.

Where do I get level 70 gear? ›

Where to Get Level 70 Gear. The Level 70 Job Quests will give you a coffer of Item Level 290 gear for all the A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood Jobs. This time, these coffers will also give you a weapon! The Shadowbringer Jobs — Gunbreaker and Dancer — do not get any gear coffers for their Level 70 quests.

How do you get legendary gear? ›

In order to acquire Legendary Gear players are going to need to hit the streets of Gotham City and gather plenty of clues. Premeditated Crimes are one of the best sources of gear in the game, and players will need to gain access to "Very Hard" difficulty Premeditated Crimes before Legendary Gear can be acquired.

What is the best skill in Division 2? ›

Without further ado, let us start with the best Solo Player Build for The Division 2.
  • Assault Turret or Striker Drone Skills. ...
  • Reviver Hive Skills. ...
  • Cluster Seeker Mine and Fire Starter Chem Launcher. ...
  • Blinder Firefly and Riot Foam Chem Launcher.
Feb 4, 2023

Can level 40 play with level 30 Division 2? ›

Yes, Level 40 is exclusive to the Warlords of New York expansion. Or are they going to have their own PVP lobbies? Level 40 players will have their own brackets but Level 30 players can join a group. Level 30 players will then receive a boost to their armor, health and damage but not to their attributes.

What is the best weapon in The Division 2? ›

The 15 Best Weapons In The Division 2
  1. 1 ACR Rifle.
  2. 2 M1A (CQB) Rifle. ...
  3. 3 AUG A3 SMG. ...
  4. 4 SVD Sniper Rifle. ...
  5. 5 Vector SMG. ...
  6. 6 AKM Assault Rifle. ...
  7. 7 D50 Pistol. ...
  8. 8 P416 Assault Rifle. ...
Aug 29, 2022

How do I get Celestial armor? ›

The celestial armor is obtained by killing the Mod:Primal Fear/Celestial Emperor. Upon its death there is a chance to get a piece of armor. Each piece has its own buff that is activated when worn. The Helmet provides oxygen when underwater.

How do you get zero armor? ›

In terms of the stats, this armor can come with perks chosen by the player. Forging one requires 7 legendary armor sets, and you can obtain them from either towers, final world dungeons, the new nightmare dungeons or super equipment chests.

What is the best first skill in Division 2? ›

Which Skills Should You Unlock First in The Division 2?
  • Pulse.
  • Turret.
  • Hive.
  • Chem Launcher.
  • Firefly.
  • Seeker Mine.
  • Drone.
  • Shield.
Mar 11, 2019

How do you unlock Legendary difficulty in Division 2? ›

By completing Warlords of New York and reaching Level 40, you can also unlock Legendary difficulty, Global difficulty and Directives.

How do I get to World Tier 5 fast? ›

To reach World Tier 5 (max GS 515): Get a Gear Score of 425. Complete Capitol Building, District Union Arena and Roosevelt Island invaded Strongholds. Finish the Tidal Basin invaded Stronghold.

What is World Tier vs Apocalypse Tier? ›

World Tier VS Apocalypse Tier

World Tiers allowed players to further level up as they progressed through the game and had a max level cap of 30. Apocalypse Tiers act as an extension to the World Tiers and allow players to push their characters even further than what's currently possible with the game.

How do I claim World Tier rewards? ›

Claiming world tier rewards will only be available once players manage to level up their world tier. Once the player's world tier increases to the next tier, players will be able to unlock rewards for completing the previous world tier.

How do you play invaded mission in Division 2? ›

Select any invaded mission you have previously completed. Hold the Toggle Invasion button. Set the difficulty mode. Start the mission.

How do you unlock invasions? ›

In order to unlock the invasions, you need to have completed the quest Uniting the Isles on at least one character. This will unlock World Quests for the other characters on your account, allowing characters level 39 and above to complete Legion Invasions. These quests cannot be completed as part of a raid group.

How do you start a stronghold in Division 2? ›

Strongholds are a special type of main mission that unlock as you progress through the main missions in the game. Two of them are unlocked during the campaign, and the final stronghold is unlocked after defeating the previous two, and reaching level 30.

How do you stop black tusk invasion? ›

The player must replay each of the Strongholds and Missions against Black Tusk; once all these have been completed, the invaded sections of the map will be restored to normal.

What gear score do you need for World Tier 1 Division 2? ›

World Tier 1 has a max Gear Score of 300, and its Stronghold requires you to have a Gear Score of 275. World Tier 2 has a max Gear Score of 350, and its Stronghold requires you to have a Gear Score of 325. World Tier 3 has a max Gear Score of 400, and its Stronghold requires you to have a Gear Score of 375.

Does Tidal Basin count as invaded stronghold? ›

Start the mission. Please note that the Tidal Basin Stronghold will always be invaded, as it is the Black Tusk base of operations. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

How do I trigger shadowmoon invasion? ›

You need to do Assault on Socrethar's Rise to get Shadowmoon Clan Invasion.

Can you still get invaded with a password? ›

passwords don't effect invasions in any way, just allow for you to connect with friends easier. And even then, Farron Watchdogs and Aldrich Faithfull ignore the password. Cuz it's their teritory.

How do you trigger the ogre invasion? ›

When you kill level 100 mobs (in the areas for Apexis Crystal Quests), you have a chance that the enemies will prepare to attack your garrison in retaliation. At this point, your commander by the Town Hall will have a quest for you. Note that you need to kill approx 500 mobs, and you can not be in the raid group.

How do you rank up a stronghold? ›

Your Stronghold will automatically level up as you use it. Completing Station quests, crafting items, and performing research are all great ways to speed up your Stronghold XP gains, although just about everything on the island will contribute to your level in some way.

What level does stronghold unlock? ›

Players unlock the Stronghold once one of their characters reaches level 25, and once unlocked, it becomes available to all other characters. The Stronghold is also important if players want to boost lower-level characters in their account.

What is the max level in Division 2 without expansion? ›

Many things have changed in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, key among them being progression. The max level cap is now 40 with the new cap for Gear Score being 515.


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