The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (2023)

It's not about 'control', it's about functional underwear that makes you feel good.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (1)

Shapewear was born in an era where women were led to believe they had to conform to a very specific body type (note: also the era of bodycon dresses andlow waist jeans) and was marketed as a "fix to your problem areas" and to limit, contain, or compress your curves. Today, however, brands likeblush,DomainmiSkimmedhelp (fortunately).reset modelerfor the modern woman, helping to create a foundation for every outfit for every occasion, want and need, with smart clothing solutions to suit every eventuality. For example, himShorts Skims EinbeinigeThey are perfect for slipping under a dress with a thigh-high slit. Or a personal favorite, theTanga Spanx Undie-Tectablefor the ultimate invisible finish.

It's not about "control", it's about offering functional underwear that you feel good in.

Is it safe to use the styler?

Heist is a pioneer in this market. Using technology normally reserved for British athletes, the brand went for what was considered overpowering.Anti-feminist discourse on fashion designers. The problem, like the lingerie market in general, was that too often, shapewear was marketed to women through the male gaze. She suggested that it was something they had to wear to make themselves look more attractive or slimmer.

"Heist exists to help women by making them feel seen, heard and included in underwear that really works," said Fiona Fairhurst, Heist's vice president of innovation. “We know that women dress themselves, so we make sure they feel comfortable. What we have done is create shapers that do not conform to unrealistic and unnatural ideals. Our shaper smooths and supports with the wearer in mind.”

What brands of girdles are there?

In 2019, Kim Kardashian founded Skims after becoming frustrated with the lack of shapewear options. She struggled to find anything that offered adequate support, cover, or shade. This led her to cut and color pieces at home and sew them together to get the solutions and results she desired, even wearing multiple pairs at once for red carpet events. Since then, the brand has gone where most other shapewear brands have never gone before. Thinkmodeling bodies,adaptive fits all panties and brasmipruning train, in addition to a range of sizes from XXS to 5X.

We have to admit, Skims really is a great lingerie destination for every undergarment imaginable. Also, more importantly, it includes height and skin color. At the 2020 Golden GlobesSaoirse RonanmiPriyanka Choprawere among the stars wearing skims: celebrity hairstylist,Mimi Cuttrell, she even revealed on her Instagram Stories that she relied on Skim's umbra eyeshadow shaper when she dressed Priyanka for the annual event.

What is the best shapewear for tummy control?

Spagadjunct, which celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year, remains the market leader, you may be pleased to know that it has evolved beyond the breath-restricting corsets of the past to create girdles that don't look or feel like girdles but that still work.

Rebecca Corbin-Murray, a famous fashion designer, starts every outfit by choosing the right underwear. Is she around?Jurafrom Spanx: 'I buy Spanx, Spanx and more Spanx,'said the 37-year-old man,who styles A-listers likeFlorence Pugh,gem chanmijames lily. “I buy a variety of different lengths and heights for everyone I work with. It's not about getting smaller. It just gives better lines and makes a dress look so much better.

Elizabeth Saltzman, who models people likesandra achand Saoirse Ronan swears by a few brands. "Commando makes a great bodysuit and I love the thong on him.Wolfordfor pantyhose and then there are times when you need Spanx. They have really cool high waisted pants that I love.'

We've rounded up 12 shapewear essentials trusted by A-listers and their stylists.

SHOP: 12 of the Best Shapewear to Buy Online in 2022

SHOP: 12 of the best shapewear

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (2)

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CREDITS: Raubstudios

Material:74% polyamide, 26% elastane; Lining: 100% cotton

Cores:Black, beige or brown

Why we love it:The outer bodysuit is made with stretchy fabric for a compression fit that flatters and supports your figure. It features softer, more breathable panels on the chest, back, and thighs to maximize comfort and flexibility.

Attack Review:“I love this jumpsuit. I love hero cards. He is comfortable to wear all day and has amazing shape. I have tried other girdles and I always come back to this as my favorite. My only wish is that they would add non-slip silicone to the underwear so it doesn't bunch up into a giant underwear in the crotch. Some wrinkling is expected from the stress of the mold, so I tend to wear briefs under my suit to avoid panties. The shaper works so well that it can still smooth out the lines of the boxers underneath.

"As someone with a lot of curves, I was a little concerned about the bra section. I'm a 36G and even though there's no built-in bra or padding, it still holds everything in place so I can comfortably wear it without a bra. Just don't expect an uplifting effect anymore." that there are no wires or anything, but it keeps all the headlights off unless it's really cold.

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The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (3)

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Material:74% polyamide, 26% elastane


Why we love it:Cleverly placed HeroPanels deliver strong, consistent compression where you want it; Lifting, smoothing and shaping for a contoured silhouette. The breathable, second-skin material and sleek design keep you safe and comfortable day or night. Lift and define your butt and flatten and shape your hips and thighs. Finally, tighten and flatten the lower abdomen. It really is everything you want in a styler.

Attack Review:“I love my standout shorts. I bought them for my wedding and they were very comfortable under my dress all day. They didn't roll or slide down or sag and gave a nice smooth shape. I have since worn them as a wedding guest in Italy in 35°C heat. Despite the heat, they have not overheated or made me sweat. I have also worn them under leggings/day dresses, they are very comfortable. I bought a medium and am from the UK 10-12, 66kg and 165cm.

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CREDIT: skims

Material:72% Polyamide / 28% Elastane

Cores:Armor, Bronze or Cocoa

Why we love it:This is perfect for late night cocktails with someknee high bootsis ashoulder to shoulder sweaterfor colder weather.

Quick review:“It fits remarkably well from top to bottom. I love the feel of the cup bra. It definitely shows off my curves.”

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (5)

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credit: asos

Material:51% elastane, 49% nylon

Cores:beis oSchwartz

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Why we love it:The Spanx Suit Your Fancy Low Back Mid Thigh Jumpsuit features adjustable and convertible straps to give an ideal lower back and front silhouette. Soft nylon stretch provides breathability.

ASOS rating:“It models the body very well without leaving the feeling of being hugged, as well as being light and comfortable. It works great with everything.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (6)

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Material:86% polyamide, 14% elastane

Cores:Ask,Cinnamon, caramel or latte

Why we love it:The raw edge fabric of these briefs ensures a perfect finish. Also, it has adjustable straps (15mm wider straps for XL+).

Nubian Skin Review:"It's a staple! I wore it under a sheer tulle dress and the nude slip matched amazingly. The colors are rich and didn't fade, the slip really complemented my skin tone."

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (7)

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CREDIT: just know

Material:73% polyamide, 17% elastane, 10% cotton


Why we love it:This Magisculpt Jacquard Multiway Brief features firm control technology designed to flatten and shape your waist, tummy, buttocks, and hips.

JD Williams Review:“I bought it to wear under a woolen dress. Since lumps and bumps are always noticeable with this type of material, I thought this might help. Yes. No visible bumps/bumps. Comfortable to wear and does not slip or roll. Detachable suspenders are great and can already be worn with Bardot dresses. A must have for today's fashion conscious individuals.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (8)

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Material:Body: 63% polyamide, 37% elastane. Lining: 100% cotton

Cores:black or almond

Why we love it:Rae Firm's high-waisted pants provide an invisible finish under clothing while smoothing and flattering the figure. "Firm" control layer offers unmatched shape retention and stretch in sizes 8-18.

John Lewis Review:"I bought these for my wedding anniversary because I was wearing a very tight dress. They fit me perfectly and didn't show any visible panty lines. These are by far the best panties I've ever owned for giving you the perfect silhouette. They also had a good shape. value for money.”

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (9)

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CREDIT: a lot

Material:78% polyamide, 22% elastane

Cores:beige or black

Why we love it:This full body shaper from Flexees allows you to wear your own bra for a little more comfort. These fixed control briefs feature adjustable straps and built-in briefs. The control body length of this lady is perfect for wearing undergarments.

Very Rating:"I bought a new dress and tried it on, it fit but felt like it was missing something to hide all the bumps and bulges. I read reviews of all kinds of shapewear and decided on this one. I was very suspicious that it would fit! but i bought it hoping for the best!had a hard time getting on yes but once it was extremely comfortable and flattering.definitely flatters you and gives you a smoother shape.the briefs fasten underneath have snaps so you can pee with ease.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (10)

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credit: asos

Material:78% nylon, 22% spandex.

Cores:I long

Why we love it:Spanx designed this thong with a bonded waistband for an invisible finish. It also has elasticated edges to eliminate the dreaded VPL.

ASOS rating:"The support isn't amazing, but I wore them to a wedding with a bodycon dress and they definitely felt more comfortable than going without."

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (11)

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CREDIT: Marks and Spencer

Material:63% polyamide, 37% elastane

Cores:black or rose quartz

Why we love it:Featuring secret slimming technology, these women's briefs are the ultimate in supportive, lightweight shapewear. A regular fit that hits just above the knee, with support below, helps create a streamlined look for your favorite outfits, shaping and shaping your tummy, waist, and hips.

M&S verification:“I love these briefs and I think they minimize the lumps and bumps we all have since Covid! comfortable too. It gives me more confidence.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (12)

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CREDIT: Wolford

Material:64% Nylon, 36% Elastane

Cores:pink or black octopus

Why we love it:The Wolford Forming Skirt, designed for maximum comfort, is characterized by its silky and slightly shiny surface, which allows clothing to fit perfectly over it. This petticoat has a built-in sculpting effect to smooth and support.

The best panties, tried and tested by celebrities and their stylists (13)

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Material:64% Polyamide 36% Elastane

Cores:I long

Why we love it:Constructed with shape-enhancing technology, it's designed to slim the waist, shape the hips and flatten the abdomen. This nude bodysuit has a low boat bottom design so you can wear it over your favorite bra for the perfect fit. It features a snap button closure for comfort and functionality.

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