MPSC Books | Details, Study Materials, References, Syllabus, Notes (2023)

MPSC Books and Study Materials:The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts annual recruitment examinations for various posts in the state administration. The annual MPSC exams include the following exams: MPSC Group A, MPSC Group B, MPSC Group C, MPSC D, MPSC Joint Recruitment, MPSC National Service Examination, MPSC Engineering Services Examination and MPSC Bar Examination.

In this article, we will provide study material for MPSC State Exam 2020 including list of best books, NCERT notes and trending topics. The resources provided in this article are also useful for candidates who are also preparing for the civil exam.

MPSC Books and References

MPSC is a constitutional body that conducts annual recruitment examinations to manage various job vacancies in Groups A, B and C of the executive branch of Maharashtra. Candidates must bear in mind that the preparation of different subjects or topics must take a state approach.

Current events play an important role in MPSC exams. Therefore, candidates must pay special attention to issues related to current affairs in the state. There are several main subjects and topics in MPSC that cover all the basics. Students can refer to MPSC books and study materials to read and engage in any topic.

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MPSC courses

MPSC consists of two stages: preliminary MPSC and primary MPSC. The detailed and structured syllabus for both sets of MPSC exams are as follows:

Initial stage of MPSC

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The MPSC preparatory phase consists of two general articles: Paper I dealing with general studies and Paper II covering the Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). Both assignments consist of 200 MCQ questions of two hours each. The structured MPSC Prelims program is as follows:

Volume 1 - General Educationgeneral science
History of India with a focus on Maharashtra and Indian national movements.
Events and current affairs at the state, national and international level.
Overview of issues related to climate change and variability, biodiversity and environmental ecology.
Socio-economic development, including population, sustainable progress, social sector initiatives, integration, poverty, etc.
Geography of Maharashtra, India and the world, including physical, economic and social dilemmas.
Governance and Institutions of Maharashtra and India including topics like Municipal Governance, Political Institutions, Laws, Panchayat Raj, Constitution etc.
Exam Paper-II-Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT)general mental ability
Logical reasoning and analytical skills.
X-level data interpretation and X-level numerical basis.
English and Marathi: Comprehension skills at X or XII school level and verses without translation.
Interpersonal and communication skills.
Decision-making skills and problem-solving skills.

MPSC main stage

MPSC Main Stage offers five jobs:

  • File I processing languages ​​(Marathi and English),
  • Paper-II deals with general studies, Part I (History and Geography).
  • Article 3, Part II (Constitution, Law and Politics of India), Concerning General Inquiry,
  • Book IV deals with general studies, Part III (Human Resource Development - Human Resource Development and Human Rights).
  • Book V deals with general knowledge, Part IV (Development Economics, Economics and Planning, Agriculture, Scientific and Technological Development).

Each language worksheet (Marathi and English) contains 100-character MCQ questions and takes three hours and one hour respectively. Each general knowledge research assignment consists of a 150-point MCQ and lasts for two hours. The structured curriculum of MPSC Mains is as follows:

link language filesgrammar and comprehension.
Translations, Papers and Accuracy
The first part of General Studies deals with history and geographyagriculture and geography.
Maharashtra and Indian Geography: Maharashtra Physical Geography, Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Remote Sensing and Physical Geography, etc.
Indian History - History of modern India with a focus on Maharashtra, British rule and settlement in India, rise of Hindu nationalism, sociocultural differences in India, socioeconomic awareness, etc.
General Education II deals with Indian politics, constitutional law, and law.Indian political system
Political parties and pressure groups in India and Maharashtra
Indian education system.
indian constitution
National and Indian Utilities
Municipal and rural self-governments at state and national local levels
District Administration
State Administration and Government
Social Welfare and Social Legislation
General Sense Studies II deals with Human Rights and Human Resource Development HRDHuman Resource Development, focusing on Human Resource Development, Education System, Vocational Training, Health and Rural Development in India.
Human rights, with emphasis on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Act 1948, tribal development, youth and child development, regional and international organisations, child development, social welfare for the disabled and more.
General Education IV deals with development economics and agriculture, economics and planning, and the development of science and technology.Scientific and Technological Advances: Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, Space Technology, Information Technology and Computing, Indian Nuclear Policy, Biotechnology, etc.
Agricultural Economics and Development: Macroeconomics, Agriculture, Public Finance, Indian Agriculture, Development and Growth and Cooperation, and Rural Development, etc.
Economics and Planning: International Trade and Capital Flows, Urban and Rural Infrastructure, Maharashtra Economy, Employment Factors, Cooperation, Economic Reform, Indian Economy, Poverty Estimation and Measurement, etc.

MPSC Books and Notes

The MPSC exam is a civil service exam administered by the Government of Maharashtra. The MPSC exam is a foundational exam with working levels that test the analytical and conceptual clarity of candidates taking the exam. The best books to help you prepare for Maharashtra related topics or questions in MPSC exam are:

book titlepublication or author
administrative committeewash boy
Fundamentals of Agriculture, Volume IArun Katyayan (published by Kushal Publication)
History of Modern MaharashtraHistory of Modern Maharashtra
Deepstambh Spardha Pariksha Arthashastra Part 1Dr Kieran Desaier
Geography of MaharashtraPublished by Nirali Publication
MPSC CSAT SimplifiedPublished by Dhyandeep Publication

Candidates should also familiarize themselves with standard textbooks such as NCERT books and State Department books recommended by MPSC before starting to prepare for the exam.

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Candidates can even download NCERT Notes to fully prepare for MPSC exam. Following is a list of some NCERT notes for MPSC exam preparation-

  • NCERT Notes: Notes on Ancient Indian History
  • NCERT Notes: Arts and Culture
  • NCERT Notes: Notes on Medieval Indian History
  • NCERT Annotations: Geographic Annotations
  • NCERT Notes: Notes on Modern Indian History

Candidates can also review notes on the environment, politics, science technology and economics and other essential study materials needed to fully prepare for the MPSC exam. These notes are a great resource for the MPSC as well as other national service exams.

  • political notes
  • difference between articles
  • economic paper
  • Tech Notes
  • environmental considerations

MPSC Study Materials

In addition to books, other sources of study material are rich resources that can enhance individual MPSC preparation and encourage students to practice in depth. Here are some recommended reading resources and study materials to prepare for your MPSC:

  • Marathi MPSC Exam Books: State Department Books and Textbooks
  • exhibit
  • English books
  • there are hindus
  • 杂志 de Yojan
  • Press Information Office (PIB)
  • NCERT Books and Notes

When referring to the MPSC programme, applicants should be aware that the various syllabus terms and topics can be confusing. Therefore, candidates must understand the basic differences between the terms and examine the differences between the essay pages.

Online preparation for the MPSC exam is suitable as most reference materials and sources are available online. However, those candidates who are planning to take the exam in English will face some difficulty in reading the books as the country-specific books are mainly in Marathi.

Hot topics on the MPSC exam

Ongoing preparation for the MPSC exam focuses on a variety of events of national and international importance, as well as other events of importance to you.

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To prepare for MPSC, candidates have to read newspapers, take notes and adjust to the MPSC exam syllabus daily. Some materials to prepare for MPSC news are:

  • exhibit
  • Resume NRI
  • The Essence of Yojana
  • Rajya Sabha TV Review
  • Hindu Video Analysis

Conclusion of the MPSC book

The MPSC books, notes and study materials listed above are designed to help students prepare for the exam. Students can refer to the MPSC books, notes and study materials provided in this article for practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About MPSC Books

Question 1.
What is the MPSC syllabus?

The MPSC examination program consists of two stages: MPSC Preliminary Stage and MPSC Main Stage. The primary phase of the MPSC consists of two general sections: Section I deals with general studies and Section II deals with the Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). Both assignments consist of 200 MCQ questions of two hours each.

MPSC's main stage offers five presentations. The language worksheets (Marathi and English) consist of 100-character MCQ questions lasting three hours and one hour respectively. Each general knowledge research assignment consists of a 150-point MCQ and lasts for two hours.

Question 2.
What are the different MPSC exam scores that students need to prepare for and sit for the exam?

(Video) MPSC - Important book list for mpsc राज्यसेवा, combine psi sti aso

Several notes that candidates refer to and prepare are NCERT notes such as:

NCERT notes:Ancient Indian History Notes, NCERT Notes: Art and Culture, NCERT Notes: Medieval Indian History Notes, NCERT Notes: Geography Notes and NCERT Notes: Modern Indian History Notes.

Candidates can also review Environmental, Political, Science Technical and Economics Notes and other essential study materials needed to fully prepare for the MPSC exam such as Policy Notes, Essay Differences, Economics Notes, Science Notes and Technical and Environmental Considerations. .

Question 3.
What are the different sources of information on current events in MPSC?

Ongoing preparation for the MPSC exam focuses on a variety of events of national and international importance, as well as other events of importance to you. To prepare for MPSC, candidates have to read newspapers, take notes and adjust to the MPSC exam syllabus daily. Some of the materials prepared by MPSC Current Affairs are: Current Affairs, PIB Summary, Gist Of Yojana, Gist of Rajya Sabha TV and The Hindu Video Analysis.

Question 4.
What are the common aspects that help students prepare for the MPSC exam?

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Here are some tips that can help and speed up candidate preparation:

  • Preparation for current events is essential.
  • NCERT books are essential resources and a rich source of knowledge.
  • Standard textbooks such as Laxmikanth's Polity, Bipin Chandra for History, etc.
  • Practice writing your answers and review previous years' MPSC question sheets.


MPSC Books | Details, Study Materials, References, Syllabus, Notes? ›

Unacademy (

From this platform, candidates will get access to various study resources that will help them get a good score for the MPSC exam. At Unacademy, candidates are taught in the Marathi language as well.

Which study material is best for MPSC? ›

Best MPSC Rajyaseva Books by Civil Service Experts
Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Maths, Science, and Social Studies NCERT books (std. 8 to 12)NCERT
A Brief History of Modern IndiaRajiv Ahir/ Spectrum
Certificate Physical and Human GeographyG.C. Leong
MPSC CSAT SimplifiedDr. Ajit Prakash Thorbole
6 more rows
5 days ago

Which book is best for MPSC combine? ›

Top Rated Books for MPSC Group B Preliminary Exam 2023
SubjectName of the BookAuthor/ Publication
Current AffairsCurrent Affairs Yearly 2022Arihant Experts
The Yearly Current Affairs 2022Disha Experts
Rapid General Knowledge 2022Disha Experts
PolityIndian PolityM. Laxmikanth
17 more rows

Which book is best for MPSC exam in Marathi? ›

MPSC Book List in Marathi
Book TitleAuthorLanguage
Samaj VidnyanNitin Bhosale PatilMarathi
Maharashtra Prachin ItihasRanjan KolambeMarathi
Bharatiya ArthavyavasthaRamesh DangeMarathi
Bharatiya Samvidhan Va RajkaranDr. K. S. ChavanMarathi
6 more rows
5 days ago

Which books are best for MPSC PSI exam? ›

Books for the MPSC PSI Mains Exam 2023
S.NoSubjectName of Book
1.MarathiNew MPSC Vyakaran prashnasanch Marathi English All in one Spastikanasahit
2.EnglishHigh School English Grammar and Composition Book
Sampurn Angreji Vyakaran
The Master Key To English Grammar
11 more rows

Which site is best for MPSC exam? ›

Unacademy (

From this platform, candidates will get access to various study resources that will help them get a good score for the MPSC exam. At Unacademy, candidates are taught in the Marathi language as well.

Which optional subject is best for MPSC exam? ›

Here are some of the popular optional subjects in the MPSC Examination:
  • Geography: Geography is a popular optional subject among MPSC candidates, and it is known to have high scoring potential. ...
  • History: History is another popular optional subject in the MPSC Examination.

Which is the best post in MPSC? ›

The highest post in MPSC is the Chief Secretary, who holds the most senior administrative position in the state government.

Which book is best for economy for MPSC? ›

Economics Books For MPSC Exam 2023
Name of the bookAuthors
Indian EconomyPratiyogita darpan
Indian EconomyRamesh Singh
NCERT books (class 10th,11th,12th)Rajan Kolambe
NCERT Selected chapters of AgricultureDatta and Sundaram
1 more row

Which is the best class in Pune for MPSC? ›

MPSC Tutorials in Pune
  • P. Swami Vivekananda Academy. 4.4. ...
  • V. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar. 4.4. ...
  • Pioneer Academy. 4.8. 669 Ratings. ...
  • Success Ibt Institute Pvt Ltd. 3.6. 89 Ratings. ...
  • Swapnapurti Career Academy. 4.6. 62 Ratings. ...
  • Ashwamedh IAS Academy. 4.9. 122 Ratings. ...
  • Vruddhi Vikas Group. 4.6. 70 Ratings. ...
  • Kautilya IAS Academy. 4.9. 799 Ratings.

Which book is best for MPSC English Grammar? ›

1-16 of 126 results for "english grammar mpsc"
  • इंग्रजी व्याकरण व शब्द संग्रह (English grammar by Sachin Jadhavar) ...
  • M.J. Shaikh's Spardha Pariksha Atyavashyak Engreji Vyakaran (English Grammar) - 8th/Ed./2022. ...
  • Balasaheb Shinde - Sampoorna Engreji Vyakaran (English Vyakaran) - 3800+ Prashna - 12th. ...
  • S.S.

How should I prepare for PSI? ›

How to Pass the PSI Real Estate Exam
  1. Understand Your State's Exam Content. ...
  2. Review Course Materials. ...
  3. Take a Practice Test. ...
  4. Explore Available Study Resources.

How can I become a PSI officer in Maharashtra? ›

Educational Qualification:
  1. Graduation or its equivalent qualification from a recognized university.
  2. Knowledge of Marathi is essential.
  3. Final year students are also eligible to apply for MPSC PSI exam subject to the fact their final result is announced before the form submission for main exam.

Which course is best for PSI? ›

The minimum educational qualification to become Police Sub inspector is Bachelor degree (Must be graduate) in any discipline with 50% marks from a recognized university / Institute.

Which book is best for MPSC prelims? ›

MPSC Books for Prelims
Subjects/TopicsMPSC Books to refer
Indian PolityState Board Books NCERTs 11th and 12th standards Lakshmikant
EconomyRamesh Singh's Indian Economy (Selective reading) NCERTs- 11th to 12th standards
EnvironmentShankar IAS book (English)
5 more rows

Which coaching is best for MPSC? ›

Top MPSC Coaching in India 2021
  • Unique IAS Academy.
  • Dronacharya IAS Academy.
  • Sankalp IAS Forum.
  • Pioneer Academy.
  • Guru Educircle.
  • Swatantryaveer Savarkar IAS Study Circle.
  • The Prayas Academy.
  • Iqra IAS Academy.

Which bachelor degree is best for MPSC? ›

You should go for BA in political science so that you can simultaneously study for MPSC and after that, you can also do MA. It will become easy for you to study for MPSC during graduation. You should go for BA in political science so that you can simultaneously study for MPSC and after that, you can also do MA.

Which BSC is best for MPSC? ›

Re: Which graduation course is best for MPSC? I have passed 12th exam
  • Agriculture.
  • Agricultural Engineering.
  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science.
  • Botany.
  • Chemistry.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Commerce & Accountancy.
  • Computer Science.
May 25, 2013

What is highest salary in MPSC? ›

Class A Gazetted Post-Wise Salary
Chief Officer, Municipal Corporation / Municipal CouncilINR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Superintendent of State ExciseINR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Education Officer, of Maharashtra Education Service, (Administration Branch)INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
11 more rows
5 days ago

Who got highest marks in MPSC ever? ›

MPSC exam results declared, Prasad Chowgule tops the list
  • Gaurav Mangilal Bhalaghatiya - Assistant Commissioner for State Tax.
  • Abhishek Deepak Kasode - Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
  • Dnyanraj Ganpatrao Poul - Assistant Director Maharashtra Finance and Account Service.

What is the salary of BDO in Maharashtra? ›

Block Development Officer salary in Government of Maharashtra ranges between ₹ 5.4 Lakhs to ₹ 6.6 Lakhs per year.

Which MPSC classes are best in Maharashtra? ›

3. Which MPSC Coaching (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) is good as per the Past Year State service Commission Result?
  • Prayas Institute MPSC Institute in Mumbai.
  • Guidance Group MPSC Academy Mumbai.
  • Focus Classes MPSC Coaching Institute in Mumbai.
  • pioneer Academy MPSC Coaching Institute in Mumbai.
Mar 8, 2023

Which language is used for MPSC? ›

Maharashtra Public Service Commission
Region servedMaharashtra
Official languageMarathi and English.
ChairmanK.R. Nimbalkar
Parent organizationGovernment of Maharashtra
7 more rows

Who is the best writer of English grammar? ›

  • Essential English Grammar by Raymond Murphy.
  • Intermediate English Grammar by Raymond Murphy.
  • The Penguin Writer's Manual by Martin Manser.
  • Penguin Guide to Punctuation by R L Trask.
  • The Elements of Style by Strunk & White.
Feb 17, 2020

Are PSI tests hard? ›

The PSI test questions are frequently tricky, and your eyes and mind often work at different speeds. Imagine the following question: “Who retains legal title of real property in an installment contract?” but by reading it quickly, you picked the wrong answer and possibly found yourself waiting to retake the exam.

How many times can I take a practice test for PSI? ›

Unlimited test attempts and 365-day access.

Does PSI record your screen? ›

PSI Bridge ensures integrity for your online exam by establishing a test taker's identity and confirming there was no cheating activity throughout the exam. As an examinee takes the exam, the entire session is recorded by our software (via webcam, microphone, and screen recording).

What is salary of PSI in Maharashtra? ›

The MPSC PSI salary ranges between Rs. 38,600/- and Rs. 1,22,800/- with grade pay ranging between 4300-4400. Candidates who are shortlisted will enjoy additional benefits and perks of the recruitment post other than the salary.

What is the salary of Maharashtra police? ›

What is the salary of Constable in Maharashtra? As per the 7th Pay Commission, Maharashtra Police Constable Salary 2023 is Rs 5,200 to Rs 20,200, and Grade Pay is 2400. Apart from salary, Maharashtra police constables get allowances and benefits provided by the state government.

Can I join police at 40 in India? ›

Eligibility Conditions

(b) A candidate must not have attained the age of 32 years for General Category, 35 years for Other Backward Classes category candidates and 37 years for candidates belonging to a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe.

What does PSI certified mean? ›

PSI's secure certification testing combines scientific precision, cutting-edge computer based test (CBT) technology and decades of expertise to maintain test security while reducing friction and making test day easy for your test takers.

What is a PSI teacher? ›

The Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) is a system that helps learners take control of and manage their own learning. Students set their own learning goals, manage their learning, and communicate with others in the process of learning.

What is salary of sub inspector in India? ›

Sub Inspector salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.5 Lakhs to ₹ 13.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 8.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 447 latest salaries received from Sub Inspectors.

Which is the best app for MPSC preparation Quora? ›

MPSC Mitra is a Best Apps for MPSC Students, who are Preparing for government exam such as MPSC PSI, STI, ASO and Many types of other exams. Download now - Ignite Online Academy App is the best for MPSC.

What is fees of Chanakya Mandal Pune? ›

Course Starts From:-
CourseCourse Fee including GST1 Time Lump Sump

Which academy is best for MPSC quora? ›

RIIM ACADEMY of pune will be the best place to you for the MPSC preparations. RIIM ACADEMY is a all in one coaching which fulfills all the needs of an aspirant such as 24/7 specified library,studyrooms,digitalized classrooms ad highly experienced faculties.


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