How to reset the blend port actuator on Ford F150? (2023)

Resetting the blender door drive on the Ford F150 is primarily associated with replacement after a mechanical or electrical failure.

How to reset anti-glare door actuator on Ford F150?You can usually reset the blender door operator on a Ford F150 by removing the fuse that powers the HVAC control module and starting the truck. First, complete the HVAC cycle from hot to cold settings. Then turn it off and put the fuse back in place. Finally, turn on the ignition and the mixture port actuator will calibrate itself to find its correct position.

You need to reset it or replace it with a new one if it fails to calibrate its position.


The mixing gate actuator has a compact assembly consisting of a small motor, a helical gear and a pair of pinions that connect the output of the motor to a gear shaft that controls your system.

When the temperature setting on the panel changes, heater and evaporator air are mixed for cab ventilation.

A pair of copper fingers on the back of the output shaft make contact with copper traces on the surface of the actuator cover.

They record the position of the mixing port and send this information to the climate control module. The module continues to send the signal to the motor according to the selected temperature settings.

Access the actuator assembly

Depending on the model, your Ford F150 may have 1 or 2 panel doors on the driver and passenger side. You can find them behind the radio setup in the center of the dash. Therefore, it is important to check the operational status.

You must first remove the center console by removing two screws on its side. Next,

Remove the gear lever, its electrical connections and the linkage with the gearbox. Finally, remove the radio/stereo unit and its wiring and you come to the actuator assembly.

Be sure to investigate the faulty system by turning on the truck's air conditioning and checking the air on both the driver and passenger sides.

In case of physical damage or loose electrical connections, replace the faulty device with a new one if necessary.

Align it with the merge port

The actuator output shaft is geared and its alignment is critical to its movement.

Then turn it by hand until both are aligned and feel a smooth movement. Misalignment can lead to breakage of gear teeth and the same situation as before replacement.

Disconnect the power supply

Now locate the fuse box and remove the HVAC control module fuse. You can find the number on the electrical drawing for the specific F150 model you own.

It's probably fuse #. #15 or 42 from what I've observed. You can also disconnect the battery power terminal from the electronic climate control board. Avoiding electric shock is also crucial for your safety during maintenance work.

Ligue o Ford F150

After disconnecting power to the climate control module, start the truck using the ignition key or the start/stop button. This step allows you to turn on the HAVC system in the cab.

Turn on the AC cycle

Turn on the HVAC system using the function button or switch on the instrument panel. Change functions from hot to cold to complete the AC cycle.

Turn off the truck and reconnect the fuse.

After 2-3 minutes:

  1. Turn off the vehicle.
  2. Reconnect the fuse in the junction box.
  3. Test its continuity with a multimeter and voltage to the HVAC module.


Now turn the stacker back on and you should observe movement in the mix port actuator assembly. It calibrates its position in 30-40 seconds to find its limits according to the signal from the control module.

You can verify proper operation by changing the temperature settings and feeling the air coming out of the vents. Wait 2-3 minutes after each function for the changes to take effect.

After a successful operation, put back everything that was removed during the process in reverse order.

Why would you reset the blender door unit on a Ford F150?

It may be necessary to reset the combination door actuator assembly for several reasons. Upon reset, it exits a looping state and recovers its calibration.

In this way, it finds its limits and correct positions according to the HVAC function switch on the panel.

After installing a new actuator

The actuator that controls the mixing gate is a compact assembly with several plastic gears. Over time, they become damaged and cause malfunctions.

Therefore, you must remove the entire assembly and replace it with a new one. However, it is a viable solution as it has low acquisition cost due to its compact size and simple design.

After the replacement process, it needs to be reset to adjust its position settings, as the accuracy of its operation affects the performance of the entire HVAC system.

out of calibration

Whenever power is removed from the HVAC Control Module for any reason or during maintenance, the Duct Control Module must be recalibrated to establish its correct position.

Most of the time it will calibrate itself on the next ignition cycle. However, you will need to reset the actuator assembly to complete the process or if you hear repeated clicks or noises.

electrical/mechanical error

The actuator gears are small and must apply a force to move the door in the HVAC duct according to the settings selected in the cab.

So over time they wear out and get stuck. Therefore, you must restart the actuator to exit a stopped state.

Also, any incorrect settings or power outages can cause the motor to go out of bounds and cause a malfunction.

Also, the tracking pins at the rear of the output shaft lose contact with the races due to wear or other mechanical problems.

This will result in loss of motor position and you will need to reset the motor to regain accurate position control.

Do all Ford F150 models have the same combination port actuator reset method?

There is no significant difference in the blender door operator assemblies for the Ford F150 models.

The physical dimensions of the packages and their disposal methods may be slightly modified, but they essentially serve the same functions.

So they have the same method to reset and calibrate. However, for models with 2 mixing ports, as a precaution, care must be taken to find the faulty port.

Can you start the Ford F150 with a broken blender actuator?

A faulty blender actuator will not affect engine or vehicle performance. However, your vehicle's air conditioning system will have no effect.

You can only get hot air or cold air or neither if it doesn't work. So you can start and drive your truck, but you and other passengers will not feel comfortable outside the environmental conditions.

How often do Ford Blend gate actuators need to be reset?

I have had 2-3 times mixed port transmission failure on my 2014 Ford F150 XLT trim level which is a considerable number in a single year. The reasons could be design changes in the actuator assembly on newer models.

Pre-2009 F150 trucks have big actuators and less issues.

However, later models have a compact build and frequent failures due to a loose electrical connection between the trace path and the contacts at the rear of the output shaft.

This causes the motor to spin endlessly, causing the gear teeth to break or wobble into position.

Cost to reset blender door actuator

If you take a Ford f150 to a shop or mechanic to have the blender door motor fixed, you will have to pay a hefty sum.

It takes about 2-3 hours to remove the center console, gear lever, radio and other parts of the dashboard to access.

The replacement part costs between $20 and $40 depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Labor costs can range from $75 to $100 depending on the type of error.

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How to reset the blend port actuator on Ford F150? ›

The most common symptom of the A/C Actuator going bad or when the Blend Door is stuck is when you feel inconsistent air flow coming in. The desired air you want whether it be hot or cold, is being diverted incorrectly, so you are not getting a consistent temperature out of the A/C system.

How do I reset my Ford F 150 climate control? ›

Just follow these steps:
  1. Step 1: Turn your car on, close all doors, and locate the climate control power button.
  2. Step 2:Press and hold the power button and defrost button simultaneously. After a few seconds, release them.
  3. Step 3: Press the climate control button. This should complete the climate control reset.
Sep 20, 2022

What happens when the blend door actuator stops working? ›

The most common symptom of the A/C Actuator going bad or when the Blend Door is stuck is when you feel inconsistent air flow coming in. The desired air you want whether it be hot or cold, is being diverted incorrectly, so you are not getting a consistent temperature out of the A/C system.


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