Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (2023)


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When you buy Dent 2, you get a full license of its sibling Indent 2 for free!

It's time to dig a little deeper into your voice. Sure, you made your track sound good: balanced the levels, added the right EQ, maybe even played all the music. But that's just the beginning. You want to get into those waveforms, play and explore to realize the potential of the track and bring out the sound that exists only between your ears. It's time to meet Dent 2.

The original Dent was a different kind of distortion plugin, created by Unfiltered Audio for every engineer and sound designer who wanted to manipulate waveforms on a molecular level. Now, with the release of Dent 2, audio control enthusiasts are excited that Unfiltered Audio has gone subatomic. We're talking "let's sharpen the peaks in the negative half-wave" level of control! So if you're looking for some great analog hardware emulation, you'd better look elsewhere, because the mad scientists at Unfiltered are digital at heart and know exactly how to turn those zeros and ones into magic.

When you use Dent 2, your sound will first encounter the plug-in's downsampling engine, which is freely tweakable and customizable. The signal is then passed through three different types of distortion in succession, with the possibility to choose from ten unique clipping algorithms. Within these gain stages, the user can add or subtract DC bias, adjust the shape of the waveform by flattening or sharpening it, and independently adjust the positive and negative halves of the waveform. Next is the bitrate engine, which is a continuous, automated parameter with six different bit-crushing algorithms. Finally, the sound goes through one of four different types of resonant filters...that is, unless you decide to place the filter at the beginning of the signal path rather than the end. Or maybe you've opted for dynamic positions, alternating dot eights between start and end the possibilities really start to unfold!

You'll be hard-pressed to find a waveform technology that the Dent 2 can't adjust with the necessary precision. Got a bad guitar amp that sounds funny? Now you can simulate it by adjusting the probability control so that Dent randomly applies distortion to only 70% of the signal waveform period. You can also go a step further and mute all undistorted parts of the waveform by using the Drop switch. Then set the "Cut" type to "Tape" and the "Filter" type to "Low Pass" and you can now emulate the sound of chewing old tape in a tape recorder.

Here's the best part: almost all of these parameters can be modulated using Unfiltered Audio's unique and intuitive modulation system. Simply assign parameters via virtual crossover cables, then choose from eight different modulators, including LFOs, randomizers, and even a user-programmable step sequencer. Use a sinusoidal LFO at the filter frequency for a traditional wah-wah effect, or set the filter to bandstop mode and apply a step sequencer to create a Leslie effect with syncopated beats. Use the input follower to modulate CC shifting to make high-end snare tracks sound like a demonic assembly line of a heavy machine coming crashing down.

Still not under control? Check out one of Unfiltered Audio's newest additions to the modulation section: the ROLI Lightpad modulator. Thanks to Unfiltered's seamless integration with the innovative ROLI controller, you can adjust Dent 2's parameters in real time using simple gestures. Using Lightpad's unique 3D interface, you can easily modulate multiple parameters, and even modulate other modulators. Apply a step-sequence modulator to the sample rate, then use finger pressure to scale the modulator's amplitude. By the way, apply the X-axis and Y-axis to the filter's resonance and cutoff parameters to "draw" the filter envelope on the surface of the Lightpad during a live performance.

With the Dent 2, exciting new sounds can be created with the turn of a few knobs, making your productions sound fresh and modern. Don't just twist it. destroy it.

Activate a fully functional 14-day demo in your plugin affiliate account now to see for yourself (no dongle required)!


  • Presencia de The Crystal Method、Mirrorball Entertainment、Julius Dobos 和 Toby Pitman(Air Studios)
  • Six unique bit-crushing algorithms (including a circuit-bending toy simulation!)
  • Preset Randomization Feature - Amaze yourself with crazy sounds!
  • Ten types of scissors: hard/soft clip, wavy, curved, sharp, twisted, tube, ribbon, ball, and cube
  • Composite mode enables users to apply different saturation algorithms to each of the three clipping stages.
  • Continuously variable bias and shunt control gradually adds a DC signal to one or both phases of the input signal.
  • Two waveform generators independently adjust amplitude and optionally invert the positive and negative phase components of the signal.
  • Distort the sound Shape controls gradually flatten or compress the peaks of the waveform
  • Waveset's sequential probabilistic processing (internal step sequencer) creates dynamic rhythmic patterns for the distorted signal by turning two knobs.
  • Unfiltered Audio's flagship modulation system offers eight freely assignable modulators (Sine LFO, Saw/Triangle LFO, Square Wave LFO, Input Follower, Noise Sample and Hold, Macro Control Knob, Step Sequencer and Light Panel ROLI ), and provides virtual drag-and-drop patching functionality for most users of the Dent 2 control
  • Ability to minimize the modulator by clicking on the modulator's icon.
  • Ability to reset LFO via trigger input and control phase.
  • Adjustable multi-mode analog filter with independent resonance control and four different filter modes that can be placed before or after the distortion.
  • Continuous SR control gradually reduces the sample rate of the processed signal by directly manipulating the Dent 2's internal DSP.
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation) button.
  • 2x and 4x oversampling
  • Smooth wave set option available in global options menu
  • Toggle OpenGL in the options menu
  • Hybrid control provides parallel processing
  • The enlarged waveform display shows the shape of the processed waveform for easy control changes.
  • Get crisp analog-style sounds like guitar pedal effects or searing digital destruction like bit crunching and downsampling.
  • Add character to vocals with Input Boost, balance bass tracks with Shaper, destroy samples with Bit and Rate Reducers, and run it all through multi-mode filters.
  • Buy Dent 2 and get a full license of Indent 2 for free

sound example

industry review

  • Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (12)

    Matt Lago

    Producer/kompozytor/DJ (mau5trap, isoRhythm, Anjunadeep)

    Dent is an angry-sounding plugin! I love the different wave setup controls, they take you down a path of pure brutality. killer.

  • Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (13)

    Neil Citron


    I recently mixed an album for Magdalena from Poland, a heavy rock album with soaring vocals. I used "Fault" and "Dent" as well as Magdalena's voice and clips of the band's single in the demo video. wrong more

  • Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (14)

    greek urta

    Producer, Engineer (Greg Wurth Audio, Steve Vai)

    Indent and Dent are great new plugins that allow !@#$ to enhance your tracks in unique musical ways.

  • Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (15)

    Chris Baseford

    Engineer/Producer/Remixer (Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Shinedown, Rob Zombie)

    And finally a distortion plugin that gives me real control and tweaking of the messy parameters.

  • Dent 2 Unfiltered Audio (16)

    Voice Bromma / Colin E. Fisher

    Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced Music

    This is an excellent sound design and tone-shaping plugin that, thanks to its modular approach, can completely transform a boring synth into a gritty, digital yet soulful sound. bright!

cuatomer feedback

  • large distortion


    by Sobrin

    Dent2 is essential for box deformation! Simple, accurate and fast results.

  • bonito


    Courtesy of Jack Bell

    It's crazy, it's a real gem.

  • Dent 2


    Author: Claudio Guilherme

    Has become one of my favorite distortion plugins

  • so


    by Riley

    Anything that offers unfiltered sound is well thought out and sounds good. With this, you can really go crazy and create something completely destroyed.
    Excellent interface, the only thing I have to ask more

  • Dent 2


    via buffalo

    The perfect tool to get crazy sounds out of it!
    I use it on basslines, drums and pads and never tire of it. Modulators add organic character to signals.

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Supported plugin formats
Natywny AAX, Australia, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported OS
macOS 12 至 macOS 10.11
Windows 11 speeds up Windows 8

IntellubricantArquitectura Apple Silicon

x64 compatible processor

System Requirements
Screen resolution: 1440×900 pixels or 1280×960 pixels or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

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Dent Fitter 2

  • Installer v2.4.1 (Mac, 33,30MB)
  • Installer v2.4.1(Win 64 位,23.59 MB)

facilities manager

  • Install Manager v1.2.4 (Mac, 1.42 MB)
  • Install Administrator v1.2.4 (Win, 1.51 MB)


  • Brochure (English, 307.44 KB)

change log

Dent 2

Dent 2 Original Audio Changelog

Version 2.4.1 (March 16, 2023)
- Added AAX ARM support for Apple Silicon

Version 2.4.0 (March 30, 2022)
- Added support for Apple Silicon

Version 2.3.1 (August 20, 2021)
- Fixed: Sounds are delivered randomly on the left side only

Version 2.2 (February 18, 2020)
- Catalina's full support and notarization.
- Improved HiDPI support
- Removed OpenGL

Version 1.0 (August 21, 2017)
- version release


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