Apple Watch Series 3 FAQ: Everything you need to know! (2023)

Apple Watch Series 3 FAQ: Everything you need to know! (1)

At Apple's September 12 press event, the company unveiled the next-generation Apple Watch. The changes are big and coming to a doll near you. Here's everything you need to know!

So are there two different Apple Watches now?

Yes. Apple has not one, but two new watches in the range. The first is a standard version of the Apple Watch with updated hardware and GPS. The second is a standalone Apple Watch with cellular support.

That's right: You can do some extra things with the Apple Watch Cellular that you can't with the standard Apple Watch, like: B. Make and receive calls, stream Apple Music anda lot more.

What does the cell model do?

The Apple Watch phone uses what's called an eSIM card, a card that's a hundredth the size of an original SIM, and it works great to let you transfer data wirelessly. Apple specifically mentioned that the new model lets you do the following:

  • You can make and receive calls with the same # as on your iPhone
  • You can receive text messages without your iPhone
  • You can use the Maps app to get directions without your iPhone
  • Find my friend, switch to your Apple Watch when you don't have your phone
  • Chat apps like WeChat and Snapchat work without your iPhone
  • You can stream Apple Music on your wrist without your iPhone
  • Siri can now speak

Additionally, both Series 3 models will include a barometric altimeter to track elevation for activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Some informationwe have receivedis that certain carriers allow you to receive SMS messages on your Apple Watch Series 3 without your iPhone but do not allow you to send them. We're investigating this.

You can add cellular service to your Apple Watch from the following US ISPs:

  • ATT - $10 with your real iPhone plan
  • Sprint - Currently unknown
  • T-Mobile - $10 with your current iPhone plan
  • Verizon - $10 with your current iPhone plan

The Series 3 GPS and cellular models will also be available in other countries, and you can check out Apple's full list of international carriers.Here(opens in new tab).

What's changed about the shape and size of the Series 3?

anything! The shape and size of the Series 3 is the same as the Series 2. But there's a new colour: in addition to space gray and silver, the Series 3 comes in a new gold aluminum.

Both models feature the W2 processor chip, which helps with both speed and battery consumption. The dual-core processor is 70% faster than the Series 2.

It still has the same battery life, despite the cellular model consuming more juice.

So is it faster? Do you have long battery life?

yes to both The W2 chip brings some speed and longevity improvements under the Series 3's hood. The cellular model still has the same speed and battery life as the standard version.

Will the Series 3 and Cellular models fit my current Apple Watch bands?

Thank goodness they will (I can hear Rene Ritchie's sigh of relief now). The smart connection to the bands remains the same. The 38mm and 42mm tapes will still fit in their respective cases no matter which series you own (including the Series 0).

Is there a special edition version?

Apple didn't introduce a complete remake, instead adding a chic new color to the current ceramic color. It's called gray, but it's more like Apple's space gray (almost black) colors.

How much will this beauty hurt my wallet?

The Apple Watch Series 3 standard price has dropped by around $40 and now starts at $329, the Cellular model starts at $399, Apple will continue to offer the Apple Watch Series 1 at a new lower price of $249 sell dollars.

When can I wrap it around my wrist?

You can pre-order the Apple Watch Series 3 in standard and cellular versions on September 15. The cellular model will be available in stores starting September 22nd in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the UK. Standard GPS model shipped same day in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico , Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and US Virgin Islands; and then on September 23 in the UAE.

And series 1 and 2? Can I still get one?

Apple keeps the Series 1 consistent as a low-end, entry-level Apple Watch. Since it doesn't include GPS tracking or "swimproof" water resistance to 50 meters, Apple manages to keep the price down to just $249. The Series 1 is only available with an aluminum case and sport strap.


Do you have a question about the Apple Watch Series 3 and LTE? Write them in the comments and we'll let you know when we discover more.


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Apple Watch Series 3 FAQ: Everything you need to know! (2)

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  • Do we know if the Apple Watch Series 3 will be ordered through carriers? Let's assume, but we're only guessing.

  • T-Mobile has already announced that you can order through them.

  • What if I have a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2 that is starting to show spots under the screen and needs to be replaced? (I'm careful apple)
    You won't be wearing the 2 series anymore and the aluminum 3 series is only available in a cellular option. Will I be replaced/upgraded with a Series 3 aluminum phone? That would be cute :)

  • Apple often keeps refurbished models of discontinued products for this very purpose.

  • Aluminum Series 3 is available without a cell
    comes with GPS
    Or gps and crllular

  • Hello! I only see American companies in the list of wireless carriers. and the rest of the world? I'm located in Estonia (small country in 🇪🇺), does that mean I can't take advantage of calling and internet features? Thanks

  • Hello, thanks for your comment! We've updated the article to include information about other countries outside of the US.

  • Hello everyone. First of all, sorry for my German. My question is I will be in the US in a week but I live in France, can I buy my phone watch in the US and use it in France with my carrier?

  • So you still need an iPhone to be able to use the cell phone? Isn't it like you could replace your iPhone and just use the Apple Watch?

  • Similar question. I have an iPad, even though it's not cellular. I wish I had a smart device that only takes calls and texts without all the other distracting apps you might get on your iPhone. Can this watch be used as a simple standalone cellular device?

  • Do we know anything about WiFi connectivity? I know I saw it has faster wifi. I was expecting this to mean 5GHz connectivity. And what Bluetooth version are you using?

  • This may be more of a Verizon question than an Apple question. Does iwatch 3 require a Verizon line fee to use LTE?

  • I'm sure they do: any other smartwatch with a cellular connection will work on Verizon, AT&T, etc.

  • I checked with Verizon this morning. Additional $5/month line fee for Apple Watch. So 60€/year. I'm very disappointed with Apple's decision to only offer the Celled Stainless Steel Series 3. I now have a series 1 stainless steel. Now that I need a cell to get stainless steel I'll see if I can still get a series 2 stainless steel from my local dealer. If not, I think I bought my last Apple Watch because I don't want aluminum because it scratches easily, and I won't be paying more per month for the phone. Apple has drastically reduced my options.

  • The Cellular Watch is only $30 off the purchase price, and you don't have to sign up for cellular service. You can just buy it and not activate LTE for it. While I'll admit that it sucks that you have to pay a $30 premium to get your favorite case stuff, you certainly don't have to sign up for a recurring monthly payment.

  • Can you enable hotspot on iwatch and allow other devices to connect to it?

  • I support this question - this would be a great resource for me. Can anyone share some thoughts on this?

  • When you add the iwatch 3 to your phone plan do you just use the minutes/data you already have at no extra cost or do you have to add it like a new phone on the same account?

  • new telephone line with its own data/minutes/SMS pool

  • At the presentation they said they would use the same phone number.

  • I work in cellphone companies. We believe the clock will work as follows:
    Apple ships the watch with an unregistered SIM card. So you can buy it from the Apple Store and you don't have to inform (or inform) your carrier. The registration process is ONLY done with an iPhone with a valid SIM/Call/Data plan. As you set up your watch with your phone, your watch reads information from the SIM card in your phone and clones the SIM card to your watch. [We've already "cloned" your SIM card if you want a SIM card in your iPad just like your phone.] So if you're calling from your watch or phone, the carrier/network can't recognize which SIM/device you are using. use again (since both SIM cards are the same). So the only problem is when someone calls you, who is they ringing for? The iPhone/watch has to solve this problem itself as the network makes all devices ring/answer. Apple has named a number of carriers with whom they have agreed to this process, but likely all carriers will support it.
    My only doubt is scammers can also use "cloning" so sometimes carriers take it upon themselves to block it and that would also block iwatch if not fixed. If operators can tell you're wearing a watch, they can choose not to charge you further, then why should they care? Be sure to remove the clone if you sell the watch :)

  • Hello Northeye! You are approaching what I was looking for. I recently signed up for xfinity mobile and would like to know how to connect my Apple Watch to this service. I don't really need to share the phone number, I just want to be able to connect the watch to the LTE network without my phone. More wisdom on this topic? Thanks!

    (Video) 15 Best Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 3

  • There is no iWatch.

  • I would like to know if I can use the new watch to make calls without having an iPhone. Can the watch be a standalone device?

  • Yes, the digits allow you to mimic your current iPhone number, but it will give out a separate phone number for the handheld. In this case you can have a separate device.

  • You must have an active cellular plan with an iPhone to use the Apple Watch Cellular + GPS as a cellular device. The carrier plan will cost you extra (probably around $10) on top of your current iPhone plan. There is (legally) no way to activate a cellular plan on the Apple Watch without an iPhone.

  • Can you tell me if apple watch series 3 works with iphone 7? If so, how do you connect them?

  • Do I have to upgrade to Iphone 8 or can I keep using my Iphone 6+?

  • You can use 6+.

  • I think "mobile" should be T-Mobile. You can add cellular service to your Apple Watch from the following US ISPs:

  • I noticed that the Apple Series 3 with cellular data indicates in the fine print that roaming is not supported. However, if I have a Canada-US plan. Will my Canadian-based Apple Watch Series 3 still work on cellular? Is that because there's no way to independently enable roaming on the watch via settings? Do you think that will change? I'm in the US at least once a week (I live in a border town).

  • What phones does the mobile version work with? Does the iPhone 6 or later specifically include the SE?

  • Do you know if the latest version of Watch OS 4 or the new Watch 3 will include auto start/stop while cycling? This is how it feels when running or jogging.

  • They haven't announced if they're working on the cellular option with the rest of the world, have they?
    They should at least tell us if they're working on it or not, right? At least we have an expectation :(

  • I like the fact that the watch arms on the Series 3 cellular version are red. Will the ability to have that red hands face be available on all Apple Watches when WatchOS 4 launches?

  • Amazing that after 2.5 years, as an avid Apple fan, I'm still not tempted to upgrade my original Apple Watch SS.
    I wish they made a thinner non-LTE version.
    Yes I know my original is Dog Slow but all I want is a thinner form factor.

  • Interesting, I also have a 0 series (black stainless steel with black stainless steel bracelet) and am still very happy with it. OS 4 will make you feel like you have a new watch.

  • Watch OS4 slows down watch performance significantly. I have the same watch and an Apple Dev account with early access to the software.

  • You can add another question/answer to your FAQ: How much does a data plan cost for the Watch3? How do you use your current phone number, do you have access to that number's data plan, or do the carriers require a second data plan for the watch only, or do they charge you to access your existing phone plan? that you will use a second separate device? My bets are it will cost money.

  • Can I play podcasts without my phone?

  • Not at launch. However, Apple may add support for Podcasts with the Cellular + GPS model in the future.

  • My husband is hard of hearing and has hearing aids that connect to his phone via bluetooth so he can hear everything including music, phone calls and podcasts in his hearing aids.
    Well this is a question for ReSound but is it possible that they use Apple's app interface to support this? (Maybe only Apple and ReSound can answer that.) But he wears the watch enough that it would be awesome.

  • Sorry I don't have more information, but from what I've been able to see while researching, it looks like a Bluetooth-connected headset should work directly with the Apple Watch 3. I'll investigate this further and try to find some detailed answers for you.

  • Is it possible to measure your glucose level with the Apple Watch 3?

    (Video) Apple Watch - Complete Beginners Guide

  • Not at this moment.

  • How are the new sports belts attached? is it like velcro?

  • It's almost exactly like velcro. It's called hook and loop, which is the generic name for Velcro.

  • Why can we only buy a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular? I don't really need a cellphone, but I don't want to go down (from my original watch) to an aluminum Series 3 just to get GPS. Or will the stainless steel Series 3 with GPS come later?

  • Any info on how this is handled with the iPhones provided by the company? No way, my company gets $10/month for the 400 employees in the company who own an Apple Watch. The ideal would be to be able to pay separately and still have the same number and tied Sims.

  • I have the same question. I'm on a business phone (Verizon), I doubt we'll be able to enjoy the LTE version. Unfortunately, I'd love to pay for the service, but not many companies have that option.

  • I'm in the same situation. I would happily pay Verizon directly if that were an option.

  • I have the same question. I want to pay separately (and I have no problem paying to the same provider) but I want to make sure I can link the watch to my phone number. While my company has no problem linking the number (I already have it on my personal iPad), they don't want to deal with determining a personal reimbursement fee for employees, requiring the expense to be paid directly from a credit card, etc.

  • I have the same question! I need the cell phone protection service associated with my company's iPhone, but I'm billed separately. Help!

  • This is not an option. Your Apple Watch cellular plan is linked directly to your iPhone plan. We are sorry to hear that your company does not cover the additional upgrade.

  • Can you buy an LTE Series 3 and not activate LTE? I assume you have a bigger battery and can use two days normally if you turn off LTE or never turn on.

  • I have the same question regarding the LTE service. If I buy a Series 3+ LTE and after a month or two decide to stop using the cellular service portion, will the watch still work as if I bought a watch without LTE service? I would like to buy the LTE version and later decide flexibly whether I do not want cell phone reception.

  • I just found this article which says "To get it clear Saying that, users who buy the Series 3 model with cellular connectivity don't need to activate it for a wireless plan.

  • Anyone have any ideas about Telus? When would it be "later this year"?

  • Has anyone confirmed if the Watch 3 can support LTE and a Bluetooth connection at the same time, allowing you to take a call with a BT headset? The charts seem to be catching, but it would drain a lot of battery, and I noticed that Apple only encouraged use of the watch with really, really decent audio from the watch itself.

  • I get the Samsung Gear S3 Classic to use with my iPhone 7 and SGS8. It's made of stainless steel and is the best smartwatch out there in my opinion. I think it looks a lot better than the I-watch and goes with everything.

  • @Pluka471 I think I've seen some battery life numbers in the Apple documentation when answering a call via bluetooth (from the watch) versus answering a call directly from the watch; that would indicate "yes". Also, you can definitely stream Apple Music via LTE and listen via AirPods at the same time. You mentioned it on stage.

  • @Proto732. Excellent. I missed the comment about streaming music to the AirPods over LTE, so it makes sense that a voice call wouldn't be an issue. Thanks.

  • 2 questions:
    . Can I switch to AT&T later if I buy the iWatch 3 LTE and pair it with Verizon?
    . You can stream Pandora, Spotify, etc. or just apple music?

  • I have the same first question.

  • Your Apple Watch Cellular + GPS connects to your wireless service provider. You cannot separate them. If your iPhone is with AT&T, your Apple Watch should be too. If you're on Verizon, so is the Apple Watch. So you can switch carriers for your Apple Watch as long as you can switch carriers for your iPhone. As for music streaming, there are currently no apps that support built-in streaming to the Apple Watch, but that could change.

  • How about an iPhone? I have a Samsung S8+ but I want the iwatch 3.

    (Video) Apple Watch SERIES 3: 5 Things You NEED To Know! ⌚️

  • Unfortunately, you need an iPhone for every Apple Watch

  • I ordered my aluminum gray Series 3 with a mobile phone at 3 a.m. in the morning. You will receive it on September 25th! I can't wait :) I have to sell my 0 series.

  • A Verizon rep told me today that you can't buy the Apple Watch as a "standalone" device. That means you can't replace your phone with the watch because they block the phone number on your current cellular plan. Based on some of the comments here, it looks like you're right? Any thoughts from the group on this?

  • Can Apple Pay be used with the Apple Watch s3 Cellular without an iPhone? I did some research... I didn't find an answer...
    My gut feeling says no as you may need the iPhone's safe environment.
    I hope I'm wrong!
    It would be great if Apple Pay didn't require the iPhone.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to buy and try the LTE version of the Series 3, but then change your mind and just use WiFi with it? Will it still work? Also, someone here said that Verizon charges $5 per Apple Watch added to the plan, but all I see on the news is $10 per Apple Watch.

  • Can Applepay be used independently from iPhone on Applewatch series 3 phone?

  • The bad thing... I found out... Apple Pay is independent of the iPhone, even on the Apple Watch S1 and S2... so surely the 3 will be too.

  • So why is the Nike Watch Edition delayed and when will it actually be released? Apple Has Mystery Shipment of 10.5... What Exactly Does That Mean? 5th October? mid October? My head hurts. Also, I'm thinking about starting running and don't want to carry a phone with me... what's the point of waiting for the Nike Edition instead of just ordering the standard Apple 3 LTE and running a Nike app on it? in your place? Thanks in advance.

  • I think it's a date October 5th..!

  • Can you pair your Apple Watch 3 Cellular to your car like your iPhone? So the car can use the clock's cellular capability for certain functions and you can stream music from the clock through your car stereo? Also, and above all, so that you can receive calls from your watch through your car.

  • Is there a way to select a specific contact to send sos or make an emergency call? .. and not all emergency contacts with Apple Watch 3 and cell phone?
    (It must be in non-touch SOS mode because the wet screen does not respond to touch.)
    I winch/kite in many places...and I have different lifeguard stations that I'm happy to contact depending on where I am...not all.

  • Is it possible to use all Series 3+ Cellular features without a cellular plan? For example, how my current iPad works with cellular without me having my T-Mobile plan anymore. I'm considering buying the Series 3+ Cellular so I have the option to add cellular service later and still be able to use WiFi in the meantime, minus the ability to make calls. Who cares about the calls anyway? Thanks to the Apple iPhone, I haven't made or placed a call in a decade. hahaha

  • Came here to ask the same question.

  • I rely heavily on messages and the continuity of any given conversation. My Series 2 watch is currently streaming all message transcripts. I'm wondering if the 3 series will fully sync messages when the devices are in different locations? For example, if I leave my phone in the office during a long walk and send a few messages to the watch, would there be real-time updates on my office phone and would all messages go back and forth on both devices?

  • T-Mobile has activation issues with watches purchased directly from Apple. They are working to fix this but don't know when. They suggested activating again on Monday.

  • Can you buy the Series 3 watch and NOT use the phone? I am interested in making music. Apparently the Series 3 doesn't stream music.

  • Can anyone tell me if the 3 with cellular will work with my iPhone in Straight Talk?

  • NO. It only works with the top 4 US carriers.

  • Good morning - I hope someone can answer - If I get the cell phone model, can I use it now without taking the cell phone service? Would you enable the clock service later when you are ready with the same features as the GPS version? Thank you for your time and support. Best Chris

  • Yes you can, I have one for my wife and she uses it the same way as the Series 2 above, a bit on its own, just connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. We will provide you with a plan later when more common and cheaper ones become available.

  • Do you have a list of third party apps that support Apple Watch 3 cellular capability?

  • Can we skip cellular activation on the Watch 3 if the cellular carrier doesn't support it?

    (Video) Things to Check before Buying a USED Apple Watch 2021

  • If I have call forwarding on my iPhone, will my Apple Watch 3 still ring when my number is called?


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